Thanks dev team... I was Mad at you now I cooled off but still am not happy

Great work devs. :clap: thanks for lowering the requirements for the journey rewards.
We all apprecite it.
It was nice you listened to the community.


Here’s my orginal post for those who missed it yesterday and think I’m honestly happy about what they did.
I’m not and i wasn’t.
But now that it’s been a day and listened to others i know it was my own decision to buy the gem packs. It seemed impossible and being guild leader i wanted to make sure personally we got it done.
And it was time consuming as well so i figured i was saving people time better spent elsewhere.
It is my fault for overreacting as well.
Next time I’ll just wait and we will do it together as with every event we work together.
I really didn’t expect them to fix this mess.

I really hope you read this @Kafka and @Jeto and said my rant for the community cause I know I wasn’t the only one. So i came hear hoping others would speak up and they did.
More on Facebook then here unfortunately.
I feel bad and i apologize and i hope you devs will too.


Okay, 50 gems for your misery


to be honest I didn’t expect a change for the better this week either. but after equally as many years of playing I learned to act careful with my ingame resources. a sad personal situation for your gem stash and I can understand the frustration behind it due to false math/data.

but the question is:
did anyone “force” you to wildly click and exchange your gems? clearly you wanted to get all rewards and you were prepared to spend those gems, not happily, but you eventually made this decision. this was still a free choice. now you have less to play than expected and still achieve that goal you had in mind.
could be described as a win.
and I guess you also used the additional potions of power without complaining during the matches you played? what would you even expect as compensation?

lesson to be learned: never let fomo get to you!

sidenote: a number 1 guild should focus and manage 30 players to exchange gems equally into around tier 4 and play those sigils to finish the guild event together so noone has to massively overinvest gems.


You’re right. Wiped my post since i can’t delete it. Honestly i don’t expect anything from them.


Me too, I would like to have a rant!
I find it shameful to have put in the guild event shop as the 1st choice, the purchase of the I to VI pack for 1350 Gems! Which is misleading, because when you want to take the 2nd choice, for 50 gems, you get a message saying: are you sure you want to skip the shop purchase I to VI, because you can’t go back ?
So, when I saw that, I said to myself: There must surely be either a weapon, or a unit or a new banner!?
And so, seeing the number of gems, I said to myself: A yes, there must be Shiny tokens, so I take, since at the base, I always take 2 or 3 packs or more, if the guild is in pain! Well, what was my disappointment in seeing only, simply buying 6 packs! Big Scam! Finally, it’s not really a scam, but forcing! Ashamed !!!
I immediately sent a ticket, and I was told that we were going to be reimbursed for the gems spent! So yes, I was refunded 500 gems for the purchase of the VI pack! But what about the refund of the IV and V pack which corresponds to 250 and 350 gems?? I demand a refund of 600 gems! Otherwise, I will appeal to a consumer defense association! We trust you, and from behind you rob us! Yes, I consider this to be stealing! So you have been warned!!

In every event you can see:

  1. What is given from all shop tiers.
  2. What is given in all reward stages.

There is nothing hidden. Just have to look first.


You shouldn’t have. Rants are always good, if not for others, then for yourself.
Also the devs still need see (if the forum is read properly) how their doing or non-doing or doing at random points duing the week can still affect a small amount of people in a uncomfortable way.

We need to get to a point with such flaws not happening in the first place (nearly) every week and in the occasion they are happening we need faster reaction times on fixing such things - possibly also some global mail sent out that informs about such stuff if no fix is incoming on Monday. Such cases can’t be handled with lowest priority and take days to eventually correct them or solve them. And again, if I’m not mistaken I didn’t restart my game - and got live-updated event points - so seemingly many things are “possible” and the unanswered question is why it took that long to adjust/fix?

I wouldn’t care about such 50gems compensation at all, I’d laugh at it, because it is such a insignificant amount and such a bad try of “sorry” - what I would care about is information being handed out in real time or at least as quickly as possible. Information is key… If wou had the info that maybe a point reduction will be happening you likely wouldn’t have spent your gems, right? Or at least waited longer with doing so.


Lowering the requirements for what?

Well said @icy
Yeah i definelty wasn’t going for the leaderboards as i just wanted to get it done for the guild.
We were still 80k miles behind and i just did it so others could save their time and gems.
This was not a speedy event by any means.
And the power potions didn’t do hardly any thing after so long.
So the answer is no, i wouldn’t have spent the gems.
I didn’t even buy the first pack. I waited until thursday to do so.
I also woke up with a fever so i think my attitude might have been a little off.
So i just felt bad in general after reading your post and a few others cause I did post on Facebook too linking it here.
But if you think it is best that the devs hear it i will add it back to my orignal post and kinda work it in.
Good thing is i did screen shot my orignal rant and saved it.
If you think it will help the devs see what their screw ups do week after week.


Here is a more thought out rant with the orignal. Thanks @icy for being so kind and thoughtful. You definitely helped me see both sides of the situation.


I don’t know if it is even read by the forum mods. We had other topics and postings pointing ingame spoilers out weeks in advance that show false color assignments for troops or wrongfully assigned kingdoms to troops or other stuff that can be found wrongfully assigned in ingame spoilers - and seemingly nothing happened until things unchanged were wrongfully released as set weeks before. Stuff got released as if noone ever pointed such stuff out, and to be honest it can be explained to how that was happening, but if I explain it I might get a forum suspension again, ah well, I try anyway. No fear. Whether it was ignored what “players” found, or it wasn’t understood, or whether noone cared after reading, or noone ever read it is something noone knows, since we don’t or very rarely get comments and information on such things.

But it is how you felt at that point - and at least parts of it are more than viable negative thoughts towards how devs are handling such situations which I can relate to and I’m sure many others that love that game (or at least for what it once was…) can relate to as well. I didn’t agree with everything you posted, especially with the part of seemingly not really thinking it through and just exchanging gems, but maybe this was a wrong assumption if you had certain plans behind it. Overall, as I wrote, the timing really wrecked you here and the main problem still is how devs handled all of it - especially the parts with the missing and bad communication about it. But well, dev-communication rarely was a strong part in this game, I guess the company has no big interest in priorizing that, maybe they think this doesn’t generate them any money. I’d say the opposite is true, because a happy player is more likely to at some point buy something for real money.


I appreciate you @icy and for taking the time to talk this over and read my rant in the first place. You and others have helped me learn from this and be more cautious next time.
Thank you my friend.
I do hope that they read this


For completing the journey rewards for the guild. @Slotharingia

Go figure, no comments from the devs on this thread as they likely will just sweep this under the rug.

They have better things to do right???

Let’s at least hope it doesn’t happen again.