Separate Weekly VIP PVP

separate weekly PVP with better rewards for minimum level VIP members. like… week 1 would be for vip lvl 2+, week 2 for vip 3+(maybe with slighly better rewards), week 3 vip 4+, week 4 vip 5+. then rotate back to vip 2+. or maybe just three weeks rotate with vip 1+, 3+, 5+?

it could be exactly like reg pvp but with better rewards (add orbs). or… extreme pvp where if your troop dies in battle, u cant use it any more for the rest of the week unless u wanna revive with gems and itll cost more with each rez. cant use troops you put in for defense either i guess.

i didnt think out all the details. just came up with the idea today. feel free to tweak/add ur ideas. i do like the idea of troop limits though. like ban a color for a few weeks, ban base epics, ban north kingdoms, whatever.

I don’t know if I like it exactly in the form you’ve outlined, or that it necessarily has to be tied to VIP, but the prospect of an increased incentive battle (pvp, whatever) where if your troop dies you lose the ability to use it in a team for X amount of time is interesting. Then yes, of course, they could allow you to pay gems or some currency to reduce it’s cooldown timer or immediately “revive” it.

Of course if that’s too intense they could also make it so that you lose (temporarily killed) a troop at random from the troops that were in that battle. That way you have a little leeway if a troop gets devoured or something, you can still win the battle outright and retain your troop.

Obviously the rewards would have to be worth the risk, but I could see that adding some new excitement to the game, and make people really think about their moves instead of just mindlessly clicking the buttons.

ouch, i forgot bout devour! that would be an extreme and crazy pvp week :stuck_out_tongue: rez after a few hours sounds better now.

I Don’t know where you are going with this segmenting the community plan (typically a bad idea in any game).

If you want better rewards for VIP that’s cool. Here is an old proposal:

  • Remove the daily Glory Keys and pocket change Gold as a VIP reward.
  • Add 1 actual VIP Key per week per VIP level.

i c. free key every week sounds good too. tweaking my idea… maybe have an entrance fee of xxx diamonds and reduce fee/waive the fee depending on vip level.

what i really need is a game mode to keep me busy all day long i guess. the current pvp model has not-so-good rewards. even if they do add orb rewards, it woulnt really satisfy end gamers. /shrug

I think seperating vip’s from the chaff is a really good idea. Give triple rewards to vips, and their own ladder.

Nope. Will just increase the cries of the game becoming pay to win. We get enough vip bonuses as it is. And just in case you think this is sour grapes, I’m vip 17.


No. Coming from a VIP 7. We don’t need to further divide the playerbase.


Again. No. Divisive ideas. Also a high VIP level here. Thanks


I agree 100% with all of you, but I think the MODE of play (timing out a card for X period of time) is a neat one. I DON’T think it should be tied to VIP players, though.

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What a vip admitting game favour - lol.

I reckon you vips should be seperated from the chaff, and enjoy some real competition - with each other- instead of being always favoured to slaughter the plebs. I mean being given wins cause u paid - doesn’t it get old?

Maybe your own ladder would give some of you some meaning to your game.

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I don’t see how vip players have any real edge as far as winning battles, they’re not handed to them. You don’t need to spend cash in this game to make any progress whatsoever, just play smart and allocate resources wisely. Vip status has no effect on card drops unless you specifically buy one of the bundles with a guaranteed mythic, and even then you can get duplicates if purchased more than once. I haven’t spent a dime yet (not because i don’t want to, but because video game budget is for my son’s games) and i’m level 1228, only missing 13 troops (two being cedric and xathenos), and win enough battles to do well in the top of bracket one. This thread, from what i’m getting, isn’t a desire by vip players to put themselves on a high horse from non vips, but rather a little something extra for those who have spent cold hard cash. And i’m totally cool with that, as they are putting money in the devs pockets to finance the game. This isn’t about a bunch of rich people being uppity, so there’s no need to be snippy.

There are so many erroneous assertions in this response to a light hearted piece of banter it s pointless to respond in any detail. Suffice it to say that a vip only pvp ladder with triple the rewards makes perfect sense to me. Of course it may be too hard for many vips to get very far, so the status quo is likely preferred.

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