Suggestion for new event type

To keep up the spirit, the team has shown in the reward distribution of Council of Chieves and the unit spells of Lyraszas Lair, I would like to make a suggestion to further make the game more dynamic and fun to play, as requested by the playerbase.
New weekly event:

4 x Mongo vs 4 x Mongo.
No skull drops.
Certain amounts of wins unlock guild rewards (let’s say, with full activity and by capturing all Valravens, shop tier 5 might be sufficient).
Scrap that last one, make it a number of points per win, that reduce with every turn a fight lasts.

You have proven to listen to your players feedback in the last weeks by keeping fights from turning stale and including new elements of excitement. Keep up the good work.

(there might be tiny amounts of sarcasm hidden somewhere up there)