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Community Events?

How about something like double chance for arcanes to drop, or +1 treasure map on all 5 gem matches, or 100 bonus souls on 7 match streaks, etc. Might be a fun way to encourage play.

I believe update 2.2, the next update for PC/Mobile, is completely based around stuff like that in which they add additional objectives each week.

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Any idea when 2.2 will come?

Before xmas I believe…
@Tacet will correct me if anything.

They are trying to get it out before the holidays, but no confirmation on it yet.

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We don’t like to make offical announcements for update releases, in case something unforseen happens to delay it.


Can we have a national mullet day please? All the heroes and troops have mullets :smirk:

Let them mullet over.


They are working on that as we type.

In the meantimes we can still throw ideas, right?

I really like that old event with the Runesmith, where we get extra traitstone if we include the Runesmith in our lineup.
It would be great if we can see this regularly implemented for the weekly Event Monster. Doesn’t really need to be traitstone, just some kind of promotion to help advertise the new guys. I would be perfectly happy with extra Gold or Glory~~

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If there is a strong damage spell on the event troop, bonus souls if you kill troops with the event troop’s spell.