An New event days

Hi all

I was sitting here today thinking that I don’t have anything new to do today as far as events go. Normal this would be a hero class event day but with the new class coming we don’t have anything to do today. what I was thinking was of two new events. One for treasure hunt, the other for Arena. Now I know the team is “working” on updating both mods and I look forward to seeing what they come up with, but It would be a relatively easy addition to the game if they just gave stage rewards. For example Treasure hunt points could be for how many turns you go. Or how many matches you make in a given run. As for arena, could give points for each troop killed. I know everything is easier said then done but just my 2 cents.

I could go into my whole idea for how each mod could be redesigned but not really what I wanted to say in this Topic. Thanks for your time E.


Nothing to do? Wow, if only. I for one welcome such days and certainly have no appetite for yet another event. Way too much of my time away from work is spent on gems as it is; the plethora of tasks and events is overwhelming enough as it is. New events of late have been the straw that broke the camels back for many experienced players. Additional commitment is the last thing this game or those players need. There are other games you know. The grind is off the charts as it is.

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