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Arena event week

We have Explore events, PvP events, and Treasure Map events. Yet no love for the arena?
It’d be a great way to motivate players to get Trophies. Specially since every new game mode is clearly anti trophy hunting.


Sorry, what are these “events”? Do you mean “daily tasks”?

I think he’s refering to Greenstone weekly event. It’s either PvP or/and Explore exclusive, or both at once. Another type is Treasure hunt. There is none involving arena.

I assume @awryan means this event


I’ve requested this a few times in the past but the devs hate arena so I doubt that will ever happen

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Oh, I see now. Well, I’d say “no” because arena is not an elementary thing.

So does Treasure Hunt, yet it’s quite a regular event. I assumed it’s because many people are enjoying them.

Arena Exclusive Event would be kinda boring, but extended “killing any troops” or “killing troops in spacific color” Event to include Arena would be quite great.

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Arena daily tasks are already a thing.

Arena is really in need of a rework to offer more than simply trophies grind…
Event Stones (Snotstones) rewards are just one of the possibilities.
Tiered fights/tournments allowing to pick more troops such as Epics and Legendaries and maybe even randomize some Hero Weapons could offer a better experience.

In my days playing another F2P game i enjoyed a lot, Wartune, the Arena was a real 3 players vs 3 players PVP (Something we can’t have in GoW) and a system of battles rewarding players with Emblems. As we collected these emblems we were able to buy/unlock new armors, weapons and accessories. In GoW we lack such features, yes we can craft some weapons in Soulforge, but the only thing we need to do for it is play Dungeons…

Having pieces of a weapon distributed in some different events focusing on Arena and others would be interesting.

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