New event mode

I’d like to come back to an idea, that I had last month with the disappearing troop bug:

A single player full week event, where you fight enemies of rising strength, but can use one of every troop and weapon for only one single fight. Rewards should preferably be through guaranteed gnome encounters every couple of fights (including Cedric). No tokens; you can keep going until you are empty.
You can use gems for potions, as well as to re-unlock your troops at an increasing cost per piece.

I imagine some fun strategic elements in this. How long can you handle fights with less than a full team. At which point do you need to bring out the “big boys”, and in which order? Which setups do you save your converters for?

Due to the insane amount of fights, this can lead to for advanced gamers, I really think, it should last a full seven days, and should not be available every week. But going through this every two months or so would make a fun addition.


This has an … interesting bias towards lategame players (with large Troop collections).


That’s one of the reasons, I would not want a ranking or rewards based on tiers, but the mentioned gnome inclusion. Makes shortcomings less painful.
Though I think, after 50-150 fights, it will get hard enough that the remaining size of your pool will not be the limiting factor, but the quality of what you have left.

It’s an interesting suggestion, but are we at a point where the players want/need another event alongside an already busy schedule?

I expect it would favour the hard-core late gamers who don’t need any more medals and that it would be an ‘Explore’ replacement, for them, but something additional for everyone else.

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