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A First Impression about Events

First and foremost, THANK YOU @sirrian and @Nimhain for the amazing update. I love the new direction and the variety that the Event System has brought (back) to the game. I was actually up last night and could not decide where to go or what team to use. It has been a while since that has happened.

Now onto my first impressions…

Team Bonus Events:
I love these! I think the 25% bonus is right on, and the fact that they can stack is brilliant! Knowing that each week I will be building teams around new troops with a 50% overall boost is very exciting. I hope that these will not be limited to ONLY Race/Kingdom, bonuses for Color, Traits, or even card types like all TANKS, or GEM TRANSFORMERS, etc can be a way to continue to add variety. But so far these seem very well done.

Hunting Events (Frag the Hag):
Love it! This is a great way to incentive players to keep doing what they are doing. More rewards for just grinding away and if you want to do MORE, than players can target Explore locations where those troops are plentiful to do some extra slaying. Very nicely done. I know we have a short week this time around, but I will be interested in seeing how accessible 1000 “Snotstones” are to attain. Time will tell. If it is a very daunting task, then perhaps an increase in reward might be warranted… just a thought. Also, are these the rewards FOREVER, or will they change with each new HUNT?? Maybe when we are hunting Dwarves the 1000 pay off is Arcanes? Just an example, but I think it would be cool to see variety in those Hunt rewards. That way the “carrot” is always fresh! :wink:

Raid Events:
Love… the… idea… Now, I know that this is the first one and its souls, which are VERY farmable already. BUT, in recent memory the last Raid-like event we had was when you released Runesmith. And the ecent was “Build a team around this troop and earn DOUBLE stones!” In that event I was “forced” to use a single troop for DOUBLE rewards. In the current RAID you are “forcing” me to field 4 undead troops for ONLY 20 additional souls. Speaking purely about ROI, the undead synergy is ok, but if I am going to slow down at all, then I will use my devoted Soul Farm team which does contain a SINGLE Undead troop but nets me 295 souls on a Hard Explore. Your “carrot” in this sense is not enticing, in fact, its barely there. Now if that bonus were say +20 for EACH undead. Then you create an exciting opportunity to create a NON-SOUL FARM TEAM of Undead capable of earning 84 souls per match, not as much as a devoted soul farm team, but still a real carrot.
Obviously whatever you decide for Traitstone raids is going to be a success because there is no other in game means of acquisition during a standard battle. You fight, you win, you get ONE. Anything above ONE is at least DOUBLE rewards, so no complaints. Unless you decide to not do stone raids… then LOTS OF COMPLAINING TO COME! :wink:
And finally, Gold will be similar to Souls in that unless the gold gain is significant enough to draw then players will just ignore it. Make sure you put the right size “carrot” on the end of that stick we all love so much.

Thank you again for the awesome update! :clap: :thumbsup: :clap:


Good points, especially the low benefit of 4 undead for 20 souls. Not sure this helps anyone?

I second on the LOVE THIS UPDATE.

Frag the hag now makes traitstone farming and soul farming a BLAST instead of a chore. I stayed up to 1 am last night fragging so I could get the third reward. It also makes it more enjoyable to try out new ideas for teams to get faster, more interesting results in hits.

I LOVE The stacking points for team types. I think it is very creative and really expands on trying new ideas out for teams and hopefully stop a lot of the same old teams.

I too agree about the Souls - Just having my soul blade and doing just any event gets me 40 souls without my bonuses. It would have been cool if it was 20 per undead or something.

But this is week one…and I know the engineering team worked very hard to make this a great release. HATS OFF to you all.


Yeah, I gotta say I love the general idea. I think this particular set of events is serviceable, but I definitely love the potential.

I got the feeling that the “Soul event” is geared to very early game players. Players that have limited troop options, but can field 4 undead and see a nice bonus of souls coming in.

Lots of variety for the under 50 crowd helps keep them around.


Completely agree with the points made above. Ever-shifting troop boosts are a lot of fun and encourage much more variety than ever before. Hunting event points are great up to a point, but the marginal returns diminish so severely that later rewards are not even close to worth the effort. And I’m just shaking my head over the raid events, since the rewards are far less than what can be achieved in less time with a different setup.

The ideas are very sound - all of them! The latter two just need some tweaking to be as great as the first.

I’m not sure I’m super excited about Team bonuses. They’re exciting when they’re new and novel, but what about down the line? We’ll just have “every troop gets a week as Bone Dragon”, essentially.

My first taste of this was seeing an

Anointed One
Bone Dragon

team, which you may recognize as startling similar to the previous overused meta teams. AO is a new face, chosen exclusively for his +50% stats. His self buff keeps him alive longer, his attack gain is unreal, and having to cut through 120 effective life, before his castable spells, is a slog. If a troop was released like him, it would instantly get Manticore-levels of hatred. But it’s only for a week, so it’s okay, right?

Wrong. The cause I have for pause is that the Anointed One is an okay troop. I haven’t really made any teams around the bonuses, though I did faintly notice the increased survivability and buffing power of Queen Y. My concern is, what happens when they buff a troop that really doesn’t need it? +25/50% Bat, Bone Dragon, Khorvash? Prepare for a week of nothing but that.

And sure, there are counters! AO can be entangled, and that saved my ass quite a bit. Better yet, any of the buffed troops are still as susceptible to devour and death effects as they were before. But do we really want our metagame based around that?

I’ll end this on a good note. I really do like the idea that troops like Psion or Thrall can have their moment to shine. I’m looking forward to using some of those “Why did I trait that?” cards now that they have stats and survivability to back them up. It gets the team-building creative juices flowing, which is good. Still, if they ever have a Daemon, Beast, Knight, or Monster week, I will be in my bunk with a can of beans until it all blows over.


Yep, I give an A+ on potential, but actual realized rewards and tasks are a bit meh.

I think… hope… they have created a mechanism where a great variety of challenges and rewards can be implemented. hopefully these 250, 500 and 1,000 level snot-gem-points will be revisisted… or significantly revised in pay-out.

The only two changes are the last two slots… I am not sure it’s worth 500 for 500 glory or 1000 for 5 event keys.

I would have made at least the last one 1000 for 20 (and that is a real nice payoff)

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Troop Bonus Events: Sweet, and could be even neater if they were accompanied by an increased chance to get that type of troop in chests. Not complaining, though!

Raid and Collection: Ok, I realize that it’s not always going to be a kill goal and you even say that “using treasure maps” could be one of the goals. But since you’re rarely going to encounter teams with more than a single bone dragon or the odd crimson bat, this undead hunt is basically an “explore mode only” event too. My favorite game mode is Treasure Hunt, and it’s bad enough that the seal rewards from TH are so bad compared to PvP and Explore. I never even play Arena anymore because it’s nowhere near worth it.

You could say just to ignore events but hey, I’m trained so that if you give me a reward, I’ll chase it. So PLEASE, reconsider events that force us into the same game mode ad nauseam.

I’m actually enjoying this game again. The last couple of weeks I was starting to get really bored…


I liked the team bonus events. It was fun making a viable team using troops I don’t normally get to use much.

My only real complaint is the event point amounts. I hope those are adjusted in the future. Killing 1000 undead seems a bit much. There are basically two defense team strategies. One group doesn’t care about winning defense. They just want more revenges. So, they are likely to field a team of all undead to entice more invades. However, the other group still wants defense wins. They are less likely to use troops just to fit an event. Therefore, my chances of coming across a ton of undead in PVP isn’t consistent.

Granted, we can farm explore as well. Yet, 1000 undead is still a crazy high number.

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When increased arena rewards were announced I was very pleased, because were nowhere near enough considering the amount of time it takes to complete an arena run. A huge increase in souls and gold gained is nice for lower levels and ppl who still need to level their troops. Increased trophies is nice. But the only real end game currency that exists is glory, cause glory equals arcane traitstones. Arena still is fun, cause it’s the only somewhat challenging game mode. But not getting any glory from it is meh…

Great points, i’m also having fun and i see great potential in the future rewards for the “Hunting event”. People keep complaining about the rewards, but it’s mostly because end-gamers can’t get much value out of it anymore, but for killing 100 “somethings” every week if we get 40 gems i’m more than happy and i believe that most people should stop at it.

Killing 250 “somethings” for three Epic cards is great too, just because some people don’t like/need it doesn’t mean much. Many players that haven’t ascended their cards already to reach five stars+ on their kingdoms will get a boost on at least one troublesome rarity. I don’t need more copies of Avina, but i’m happy that she is there for the others that will need and enjoy it. Also, who said that some exclusive cards couldn’t be introduced via this task/reward? Some people will probably get their underwear in a furious twist, but that’ll be fun to watch, so much entitlement sometimes…

Killing 500 “somethings” for 500 glory is also here not to appraise the end-gamers, and that’s fine. If someone goes for it just to break the monotony of PVP while also chasing some traitstones and earning some seals in Explore Mode i call it a win-win situation.

Killing 1000 “somethings” is a little unreacheable because the event started in the middle of the week, no big deal as rewards, but if you farm traitstones you’ll eventually get it, so it’s better than nothing i say.


Totally agree, 100 points for 40 gems is a steal as far as I’m concerned and I’m level 1100.


I don’t have any problems with anything up to 250. I’m just saying as a hard-casual end gamer, the carrot is not there for me to push for 500 or 1000 at the moment. :wink:

Thought it might be useful info for devs.


You and those damn carrots you keep chasing efh…


Gimme Dat Carrot!!!

FYI: I only use the term because it’s a term the devs have used. Trying to speak their language that’s all. Not really addicted to betacarotene! :wink:

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Team Bonus Events:
I think that the bonus should be up to +50%. And of course, only one event by week (race or kingdom, not both).
+25% it’s good but it’s not enough to make me put an average troop in my team. So now, if you look to the troops that have both bonus during this week, there are only 4… It will be better if more troops by week have this +50% bonus.

In the game file, there are only race/kingdom bonus… Maybe later ;-).

It will better to reduce the number of required kills for the Hunting Events to 200/300/500 better than 250/500/1000. Or to add another target.
But yeah if someday we have to kill 1000 Wargare it’s going to be a part-time job…

Kill 1000 Merfolk. :anguished: