Small requests for consoles

@Nex, @Mr.Strange, @Foresti

I think this first request may have been mentioned before, but I don’t know/remember, but if not, would it be possible to have an announcement as to what the event troop will be the day before similarly to what they do for the PC? I know the troop shows up after midnight local time so it’s not like it’s a complete secret at that point. But even though it’s things that have been out for awhile elsewhere, it still brings a bit of hype when we can hear and read that “So and so is coming tomorrow.” I saw the necroed thread about Wild Plains and thought for a moment that someone started doing that idea and was a little disappointed to see what it was about.

The other, would it be possible to get a bonus to the weekly event similar to what they did on the PC with Runesmith and Valor where you could get extra Traitstones or Souls by using certain troops in PvP that week. Most especially, I would love a week with extra Glory the week before Gob-Chomper comes out since other than random luck, there’s no other way to gain Arcane Mountain traitstones until after the next patch, which I gather is still some time off based on what still needs to be released from the last patch.

Thanks all.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the staff to do announcements at the start of each week.

Also, we have NOT implemented the weekly bonus events that have happened a few times on the PC/mobile side.

However, we HAVE been working on other things, which you will enjoy very much! So please remember that there is a lot you don’t even know to ask for that we’re developing for you. :wink:


Great to hear. Looking forward to being surprised.

As a suggestion, why not pick a trusted forum member, and give them the info needed to write the announcements? I’m sure plenty of us would be honored to post those for you guys.

However, all that aside, I am excited to see what you have planned.

Well, @death has been posting in the coming soon thread about 16 hours before the event rolls over so he finds out almost as early as possible. If he keeps doing that or sends me a pm, I could write up a little something to sell it and what it means big picture-wise like I did a little bit for Sylvasi.

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Yeah, that was nice, I was grateful that I had that info so I could blow the majority of my glory on spiders instead of ssaving it for Sylvania. You’re write up was also well done. So yeah, I guess that works just as well. Thank you for all that by the way.

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@Shiratori that’s no problem for me at all. :slight_smile:

Sounds good! I’m looking forward to any update that will bring some surprises, can’t wait to see what was cooked up by the team.

Feel free to give us a hint at the release window…

Then let me be the first to ask, what is in the pipeline for you guys that you are working on?

I like surprises. :wink:

No rush at all take your time please. :smiley:

Yeah 1 more thing that I forgot to mention.

Would it be possible to get a new splash screen? It’s cool that we have rotating images while pc is stuck with a static one, but just as they changed it, maybe change around some we have too? I know I’m hoping for Mercy as one of them and maybe Psion and Boar Rider too?

I’m pretty sure the ‘changed’ splash on PC is simply a recycle of a past splash screen, and not an actual new one.