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Feature requests lacking features

I would love to see more people posting feature requests that are actually great ideas, and not just some that either undermine current gameplay or hand out absurdly large amounts of loot for little to no effort.

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  • Working chat
  • Mass disenchant above 4 Mythic
  • Troop level select instead of +1/max

Perhaps a guild rework that makes guilds do more things then complete x task and gain x mastery.
New cosmetics for the game that can be modifiable.
New kingdoms.
New troops.
Better kingdom/troop solidarity.
Make the xbox version play on the pc better.
Less bugs.
Brown changer that targets mana.
Make the apocalypse troops have a 4x troop/kingdom synergy. (make the knight a daemon or the daemons knights)
Make a synergy type based on traits such as master of poison for having four different troops with venomous traits.
New game mode where i can play to have fun and get no rewards just honor (not glory or new currency)
New game mode that uses treasure maps. (just like TH uses maps)
Should i go on?

all those are already available except the brown changer

Some yes but we can always use more kingdoms, and obviously troops. The solidarity of the kingdoms is questionable. xbox version playing on pc is not that good and could be a lot better. Less bugs is always happening. Brown changer is odd man out as we still wait for it. Apocalypse troop team synergy and such is meh and almost impossible. Synergy in teams based on traits is not even a thing yet that gives bonuses for using x number of troops that have x trait. We still have no other game mode that requires treasure maps yet other than TH. We have the for honour game mode but it is buggy.

I think the game mode without rewards should give you access to all cards fully upgraded

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Ya that would be nice. Sadly i play it because it gives no rewards sorta and you can do it to people in chat, in your guild and you can basically choose whoever you want (within reason) to face.

There are a few features that I would like to see implemented :

  • First : a confirmation box when changing class, I just misclicked on “change class” instead of “customized” while wanting to see something about a class and ended up changing class for one I did not want and losing 50 gems in the process (I’m slightly pissed about that but I shall survive). Even without losing gems, a misclick can happen and being stuck with the wrong class is an annoyance.
  • Second : better sorting options in the “troops” window. Add “base rarity” as an option (obvious missing feature) and replace sorting “Card name (Z-A)” by a more generic option “reverse sorting order” for all sorting cases proposes. Also about mana filters, it would be nice to have a double filter option to find all “red/yellow” or “brown/purple” troops for example (again an obvious feature missing).
  • Last : A way to give stuff to others in the guild (mostly those TH maps that are taunting me in my inventory).

Not really features, but would also be nice to have :

  • A “mage” class now that we have the perfect teacher for it : Tassarion (I’m betting it is already planned though)
  • Some more nice looking and good hearted troops. Except for a few ones, most troops are ugly, evil monsters. I would like to see a set of angels or mythological heroes after the four horsemen, that would be a nice change.

Well, hopefully some of this ideas will be usefull…


No wheat without chaff, dude. No wheat without chaff.

I think there have been good feature Requests as mentioned above. They have just been buried in the forums.

I would like to see Arena fixed to offer equitable rewards to 8 PVP matches.

A new mini-game of any kind, preferably focused on mining trait stones in Khaziel.

A crafting feature to allow some means of gaining stones, maybe from troop destruction.

All of these are requests I have seen multiple times across the forum. Now let’s see them happen!! :wink:

It’s been brought up before but I’d love to see the ability to use more than one Treasure Map at a time (for some kind of increased rewards or different rewards tiers). I have almost 1,000 of them and I know that’s nothing compared to some players.

There are also a ton of guild features I would love to see implemented but since guilds are the focus of the next two patches, I’ll wait and see what all they add/change first.

A modification to the Ranked Rewards so that you don’t have to play 1,000 battles just to compete. Either something broken out by player level or broken out by a smaller chunk of players (instead of one giant pool, perhaps multiple pools of say 1,000 players each or something like that) where it’s still competitive but not soul crushing lol.

In the troops menu:

  1. An ascending or descending selection added to the SORT BY menu
  2. A way to differentiate original rarity cards from ascended rarity cards. And to sort by each. The problem is the only troops I am missing now are high level (mostly legendary.) I’d like to see what they are. I used to sort by rarity, select show all, and in a few screens see all I was missing. Now Legendaries are 90% of my troops, and sorting by rarity is all but meaningless.
  3. Multiple sorts in each of the two menus. Sort by Blue and then Yellow, or sort by Rarity and then by Level
  4. Something on the kingdom icon that indicates what power level the kingdom is (helpful when you want to figure out where to put your souls next.)
  5. Additionally, a hover and pop-out menu for the kingdoms that give you the power (troops/traits/levels) breakdown without having to go back to the main screen to check (helpful when you want to figure out what troops to trait)
  6. Since we’re going for broke, how 'bout number 3 & 4 tied to the troop card, so when you view a troop you can hover or tap on the kingdom icon and get the power breakdown?

I can see these will not be as important once I level up, but while I’m still building, they would be very helpful.

P.S. I see @Astral pretty much duplicated my 1-3, but I won’t pull mine so it’s clear there are at least two voices.

YES! tons of great ideas here and there! feel free to necromancer resurrect any feature requests long past dead that you all deem fit!

The ability to remain in the challenge list instead of being thrust to the main map after a victory! Please save me loading screens for all that is holy, PLEASE!! :pray:


I just remember another minor feature I would like to see implemented. It is not even really a feature, it is just a precision I would like to see in the description of units and weapons. It would be a visual element in the descriptions (text color or brackets around numbers) that would allow players to know which values are influenced by magic and which are not. It is very difficult to know that otherwise and such a minor improvement would be greatly appreciated I think.

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Would like to point out that console has always had this feature. :wink: