Best Game, new ideas!

Hello everybody

First of all, i want to congratulate you for this game, i never had the opportunity to do this but gems of war is an amazing game and its incredible what you have done with “just a puzzle game”.

I would like to try help to improve the game with some ideas, I know some of them won’t be implementable, or maybe are bad ideas, but I couldn’t help to share them, maybe they’ll be useful some how.

The first is an idea/request, in a simple way more data, number of victories for each character, number of enemies killed, gems exploded etc, depend of the character. And for weapons too, that way we can managed better the teams, what works better, and what character works better with another one, not just by the attack description or trains kind or color but with the “field” information. For me its interesting by itself know that staff.

Other idea its another filter that allow us to choose two types of troops, I believe with so many troop its a kind of mandatory now :P.

Now my biggest idea, maybe kind of crazy but here she go:

You improve the kingdoms with the delves, you improve the game set, you improve the gems, and now you will take a big step with Nexus setup, but I guess you don’t improve enough the characters, and you have a lot, every week we have 1, 2 or 3 new character and that is great, but the elite level was just a little step to take advantage of all the potential of so many characters.

So a propose revolutionize the characters, empowering players to play even more with each one of them by make them more unique.

Beside the elite level or maybe after elite max level, we’ll have a skill tree with maybe 3 ways for each character, the player will chose just one way to improve the character, and to unblock the ways we must play with that character and kill a X number of enemies or summon a number of allies, depends of the character and depends of the way chosen, many possibilities.

Each time we can unblock a part of the way we unlock more life, a buff etc, and the last ones maybe a new train to change with some train already in the character, and who knows the last goal its unlock a fourth train.
And I know with so many character its a huge implementations, but its possible to do in parts, juts one part of the tree and add the other in the future. But I believe also that this will make the game must more interesting, personal, challenging and fun.
Just reading this I’m already excited :smiley:

for the last only a deep request, I believe that must be challenging and not in yours first things to do but, please consider translate the game for Portuguese, we have a lot of potential players not just in Europe but in south America, Brazil have more than 200.000.000 of population that love games, more 10 in Portugal and more millions on Africa and Asia. We have must of portuguese speakers on the game but I believe that is a great way to call many many more.

So I leave my thoughts and ideas, thanks for everything you’ve done, I hope the game continues to push the best of me as always.

Many thanks again.

Best regards.


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Beside all the ideias on this post, i like to include another:

Imp as a new troop type, because is a differente creature for itself,and now with the new elementals make even more sense.

And please create a new filter for 2 differente type troops.

Thank you.

I’ll use this post to share more ideas no matter if they I’ll be used or not. I like this game a lot and i believe that this ideas are good and improve the game.

So another one, this is simple and this time for PVP game, 3x3 game, each player will have 3 teams, each character only can be use in one team and not used in the another teams.

This way we’ll have more creativity on PVP games.

But the PVP 1x1 continue as we know.

for last and I appeal again, please a filter for 2 different type troops.


I like your idea, that remind me of my best game ever Witcher 3.


That would be nice to have your own build for the character… I believe that they can at least give this feature to each mythic as a start.

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Yo sugiero el trading de tropas, para esas tropas que se van quedando o son difícil de conseguir como lo son algunas míticas, también cambiaría o mejoraría la comunicación entre jugadores, que no solo estén las funciones de chat global y de gremio, chat personales es mucho mejor incluso para poder reclutar y eso indirectamente puede llevar a tener menos gremios con mas activos.

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My main point is to do the game more personal, for your own character and for our troops, your post is a good example :wink:
and yes i believe would start with mythic, independent from medals or instead…

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Sí, estoy de acuerdo con la creación de un chat personal, sería algo más dinámico para el juego.

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tu idea de personalizar el héroe me encantó, no se cómo pueden implementarlo ahora, por la base de datos y todo lo que ya tienen cargado, pero eso sería problema de los desarrolladores, no nuestro jeje. :call_me_hand:

I believe that the customizing the game is key to hold old players and call new ones.
For me all they add to the game is great, gems, characters, tournaments, kingdoms and so ever, but it’s more than we already have.

But custom the characters, choose the way would be fantastic.