New Mini-Game Idea: Battalion

GOW is great, but I admittedly fall into the trap of loving one lineup and sticking with it for way too long which causes fatigue. Despite having almost 300 unique troops, I maybe use 12-15 in different combinations regularly. I would love to see a game mode that encouraged you to use Troops that you would otherwise never use that isn’t completely random like the Arena. What I came up with has influences from other games, but I think would work great in the GOW universe, something I call “Battalion”!

In short, you select 10 “Teams” of 4 troops forming a “Batallion”. But here’s the kicker for this game mode, no troop could be used more than once in your entire Batallion! Once you select Gorgotha for Team 1, he’s unavailable for your other 9 teams, but all of your existing traits/ascension levels from your Troop library carries over just like PvP. This would create an amazing amount of strategy in selecting your Teams, allow you to do LOTS of trial and error with your Troop selection, and also forces you to use Troops that, let’s face it, otherwise never get used. Do you create all Kingdom based teams or Class based teams? Mix and Match? Troops that focus on fighting Dragons? When you’re required to use 40 troops instead of 4, a lot more possibilities open up!

Once your Battalion is selected, you’re pitted against another player’s Batallion. The two Battalion’s teams then face off for 10 straight battles until all teams are used, and rewards are based on the total number of victories your Battalion accrues. Devs could create reward tiers for all 11 possible outcomes from getting shut out with 0 victories to running the table and getting 10 victories. I’ve gone back and forth on whether the team selection in the Battalion battle should be random or manually selected, and I’m open to either. Random is always fun, but manually selecting allows you to build the Daemon Hunter-esque team and save them for when you come up against 4 Daemons, etc.

So that’s my idea. Hope you all like it. I’m sure it’s an idea that won’t get used, but just wanted to throw out the prospect for encouraging people to use unique troops more!


Cool idea. I like it.
And I would actually play something like that.
I’m all for anything that encourages the use of different troops.


Interesting idea, but I suspect that it’s more devs effort than it’s worth… we really do want more minigames though!


I actually like it too, sounds fun. But you lost me at 10 straight matches - unless you can quit out midway like arena a lot of people may not have the stamina for that, especially with teams you are experimenting with.


This does sound like a lot of fun and it’s different enough that I think it would be worth the devs time to consider, I agree though that a “save mini game” feature would need to be put in. Even if you’ve got the stamina for it, everyone has to deal with the unexpected knock at the door every now and then :wink:

i like the idea
it could be saved similiarly to the arena progress


@Annaerith beat me to the punch.

Arena progress is saved as you progress from one battle to the next, the same logic can be applied to Battalion. I would love to see this come to pass. :wink: