If you were a troop


What if you were a GoW troop? Show us what you would be!


I’ll start!

Name: Archenassa
Kingdom: Zaejin (I don’t care about the mana colour, this is my home dammit!)
Rarity: Ultra Legendary of Doom
Price: 3 Purple
Spell: High five an ally. Doesn’t do anything whatsoever except boost morale. All allied troops are now smiling for 2 turns. The animation is really nice.
Special ability: Sing a song any time a spell is cast, because REASONS.
Why: I dunno… I thought that would be funny. :relaxed:

Your own troops can actually be game-compliant! :slight_smile:

(I’m not sure about the category, please feel free to move it if I made a mistake.)


Okay, my turn:

Name: Micki The Fox
Kingdom: Malepartus (My own Kingdom :stuck_out_tongue: )
Rarity: Mythical
Price: 20 Red or Purple Mana
Spell: Magical Fox Fire - Burn the armor of all enemies down. When i am not damaged, i’ll
burn half of my own armor too.
Special ability: Fox Jump - Deal double damage, if the enemy is smaller then me.
Why: Because i love foxes. :3

MickiTheFox :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh ! Nice invented troop @Archenassa ! :slight_smile:

If I were a real GoW troop I think I’d be

Name : Banshee
Kingdom : Ghulvania
Rarity : Rare
Price : 14 Yellow/Purple
Spell : "Scream"
Why : Because she’s beautifull and strong and makes lots of red :slight_smile: (favorite colour).

But if I made up my own troop, it would be this one :

Name : Nyan Lady
Description : Beautiffull woman with cat ears, cat eyes, cat mustache, cat tail and cat paws.
Kingdom : Wonderhills (invented troop means invented Kingdom, right ?)
Rarity : Ultra-Rare
Price : 14 Purple/Red
Skills (at level 15) : Attack 8 (two paws = 8 claws), Armor 4, Life 9 (cats have nine lives, right ?), Magic 5.
Spell :Claws & Meows” Deal 5+magic damage to an enemy and silent him. Gain 2 life if the enemy dies.
Why : Because cats are the best :slight_smile: !

So… What do you think ?


Name: Salvatre
Kingdom: (I heard a while back that there may/will be a kingdom of dragons, so whatever that is called xD)
Rarity: Legendary
Price: 16 Green Purple
Spell: “Savage Bite” Deal 10 damage (4+magic) to the weakest enemy boosted by the target’s missing HP (1:1). Poison the target. If the target dies, create 8 skulls and 8 purple gems.
Why: Because dragons.


Name: Tacet the Terror
Kingdom: (I heard a while back that there may/will be a kingdom of dragons, so whatever that is called xD)
Rarity: Epic
Price: 14 Red Yellow
Spell: "Taciturnity"
50% chance to: Cleanses self. Deals attack damage split among enemies. Gain an extra turn.
Other 50% to: Silences all troops (all allies included). Gain 6 (2+magic) attack.
Special Ability: Cannot be silenced, but loses HP based on mana drained from self. (1:1) Silence still drains mana. (Casting its own spell would not do damage due to the mana being used, not drained.)
Why: Because dragons.


Name : Merelian the Inkub And Female version : Aksha the Sukkub
Kingdom : ghulvania
Rarity : epic/legendary
Price : 16 purple/gold
Spell : Scream of Delight. Charm an enemy. deal (1+magic)
damage to other enemies. If the target is female hero
deal double damage to others.
With kasha it would be the same but with change with the hero. instead of female it would be male
Why - Sukkubs are Great.


If i made my own troop, it will be like this;

Description:It has its own rules and if it starts his show, it won’t stop.
Kingdom:Rize(a city in Turkey like Adana)
Price: 21 of all
Skills(at level 15):Attack 7,Armor 10,Life 15,Magic 3
Spell:’‘Show Business’’ Remove all gems and get 1+Magic extra turn
Why: Because i love doing combos with spells and matches


Name: Melkathi
Description: He keeps forgetting his keys.
Kingdom: Teddybearland
Rarity: Legendary
Price: 30 all
Skills (15) : Attack 7, Armor 11, Life 9, Magic 4
Spell: “Where did I put my keys?” Shuffle the board. Loose 1 turn. 0,01% gain 1 iron key, sing The Key, The Secret - Urban Cookie Collective


Name: Zelfore
Description: A reckless force but strategic planner. Something’s bound to go wrong.
Kingdom: Zhul’Kari
Rarity: Epic
Stats (Level 15): Attack 6, Armor 12, Life 8, Magic 0
Price: 15 Purple/Green
Spell: ‘‘Dangerous Tactics’’ - Explode a Gem, and destroy that row and column. Deal 0 damage randomly split among enemies, boosted by all Yellow Gems destroyed. (Boost Ratio 1:1)

My troop doesn’t rely on magic, but has the unfortunate downside of being very costly (On the plus side, the troop kingdom alignment matches the kingdom’s gems to ease the gathering process), having the highest Epic Troop gem cost tied with another Zhul’Kari team member. Attack’s as low as as Epic’s get and while the armor’s decent, the life gauge doesn’t handle True Damage too well.

Now as for why the particular spell. I do enjoy exploding the board above all else, but would also like it paired with some strategy in mind. So you can aim for a lot of skulls and yellow gems, or predict dropping gems into just the right places. All while building plenty of mana!


Name: Blackmountain
Kingdom: Forest of Thornes
Rarity: Epic
Price: 6 Earth / Nature
Stats at 15: 12 armor, 12 life, 6 attack, 3 spell levels.
Flavor text: He rides tonight, to the lute bite.
Spell: Earthshaker: Explode a random gem, create (3, 4, or 5) Earth gems, take another turn
Why: So I’m totally in love with my Rock Worm team, because I love recursion effects. I just wish the bugger LOOKED a bit less ugly. So here we are, a zen-like wanderer enjoying the beauty of the forest, until you tick him off and the ground under your feet becomes his weapon.


Name: Le Epik Memer
Description: Internet profesional troll.
Kingdom: Internetland.
Rarity: Epic
Price: More than what you could have ever pay.
Stats: Over 9000
Spell: Fires a ball of memes to its enemie causing irritation and 1337 damage.


Name: Spring Imp
Kingdom: Zaejin
Rarity: Epic
Stats: Attack 6, Life 10, Armor 10, Magic 0
Mana cost: 15 Green/Brown
Spell: Awakening–Two board moves in a row (You can’t use it to cast spells, though if you set yourself up for a free-turn move, you can cast on the third turn.)