If you could be a troop for Halloween


If you could dress up as a Troop for Halloween, who would you be?

I’ll start off! I’d be Scarlett! Just throw on a Little Red Riding hood cape with some bling and I’m good to go! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Goblin King fits me. :joy:


Avoiding the obvious choice of Ferit, I’d go with Dokkalfar, cause what can go wrong with purple laser eyes!


Dokkalfar, definitely. :slight_smile:


Aziris or Keeper of Souls. Aziris has the neatest costume in the game in my opinion… Keeper of Souls would be great too, although you might just scare people away instead of getting candy.


I’d go with either the Dryad or the Siren. I love their designs and it might make for really nice costumes. :smile:


We have no halloween in poland :’( But i would choose rocket goblin or raven or bul’tauros (i like centaurs) or of course saphira <3


Rocket goblin for sure! demolitions are my fav!


@drozd2908 if you like 4-legged creatures, the Star Gazer could make for a pretty cool costume too. ^^


I would love to dress up as Scarlett. The Shadow Dragon is a bit out of my costume skill range :joy:.

BTW if anyone does do a costume from GOW, we’d love to see it.


I’m gonna try a Gow costume for Halloween and see how it goes. Should be easy to get a red cape and some battle gear. I live near the Appalachian Trail in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so I should start planning it next month for extra time.:joy::joy::joy::joy: Need to create a Gow costume for my two year old too but something that won’t scare her .:blush:


You could disguise her as Bearbarus, he’s like a teddy bear! ^^ Ragnarod looks like a cuddly plush toy too! :smile:


Ooooooo cute!! :bear::bear::bear::bear::bear:


You’ll have to show us the pictures of your awesome costumes afterwards. :smile:


Last year she was a cupcake and refused to wear her little cupcake hat.


Ahahahah, I imagine Mommy having to explain the costume to everyone because of the crucial missing accessory! :slight_smile:
So cute though, you make the costume yourself?


No, I didn’t have time last year to make a costume. I bought this one at Target. :blush::blush::blush:


How about priestess for your kid? Looks kind of easy and cool :smiley: And you would be Atlanta/Scarlet/saphira/Avina?
I would like to make a cosplay of Demigod Torchbearer or war frame excalibur with glaive <3 Those are badass :smiley:


I would be Scarlett😊