Halloween Costume Ideas


Happy Halloween Forum Family!!
Share your zany, crazy, spooky, goofy costume ideas here!!

I saw this and couldn’t help but think that I might HAVE to dress up as @Ashasekayi this year!


Then I must ask you brudda goodwill, why in the world be a kitty when you can buy a bigfoot or werewolf costume?



Kitties are awesome. Why would you be a Bigfoot or a werewolf when you can be a kitty?


efh313 as a cute little kitty, okay go for it man, remember take a pic for us!



Kitties are only cute until your guard is down.


Also efh313 remember wearing some makups and lipstick! :wink:


You know I might not be able to pull off the full children’s costume but I have a backup just in case!


Tried to make something resembling fighting games special moves, but i couldn’t work a lot on it.


You should totally wear that and post a pic. :joy:


always those gifs from you, that I never have seen before. :grin:


If it’ll make the pretty kitty smile…

I’ll try and make it happen! :wink:


I want to see photos of everyone in their Halloween costumes!


We want to see your costume also :slight_smile:


Here I was expecting GoW character cosplay. Hm, let’s have a look through the troop list for some good options… most of the troops can’t be replicated in costume, because they’re not roughly humanoid. There’s a number which have nice visual design, but which aren’t distinctively unique to GoW, like the Valkyrie or Siren. Here’s a short list of characters which I think could make for really interesting, non-generic cosplay.

Morthani’s Will

What do you all think?


I like Bonnie Rose’s outfit.


I wanna see @Saltypatra’s Mab costume!!


Is she gonna do Queen Mab costume with the Harold mask? :stuck_out_tongue:


And for the record, @Anchovies, I fully support the GoW cosplay movement!!


We should all go as RNGesus.


I concur, that would be a great costume