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The Lesser Dressed Girls Of GoW (game assets of almost nude and even nude characters)

Why? Because people need to see the game they play! Post your favorite GoW lesser dressed character. Must be a game asset not something outside the game.

A nude Sylph with creatively placed feathers.

Not sure a little ice over the boobs, and blue says ‘I’m dressed’ Ice Witch.

Post more game assets if you want to join in. As these are not the only 2.

I think concerning some females it would take a dozen of them to equal the clothing seen on a typical GoW male.



@Eika You would think with all the flowers and nature at her command. She could make something less revealing. Or she’s a ‘naturalist’. If you get that poke.

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This one is hard to miss



@Rickygervais -Mhms- Scales means clothing right? Nope. She’s naked, but I guess scales make it fine.

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Dare I claim her “SCALE-ola” are showing? :astonished:



@efh313 -LOL- You are just bad … -Dies laughing-

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While on it, a great artist is able to make humanoids creatures looks very pretty, doesnt matter if they are half tree/fish or beast…

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@Eika I’m personally waiting for the day when they give us a reasonable female tank. Most have been males or monsters/demons.

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Queen Grapplepot could be a tank, at least she has a compact body.

@efh313 Its the very same reason when asked if GoW has nudity. I respond with yes. Just because you decide not to draw the nipples doesn’t make it any less different. Maybe that is just my view. Though all I’ve seen is topless females but they mask it in creative ways. Which isn’t bad its just art. And with many troops very nice art. Then if they are covered its very thin bits of ice, feathers, whatnot’s. Sometimes think players forget how little the females have on in this game. Or they went blind.

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I don’t think players forget, they just either enjoy it or enjoy the game despite it. We had a very long thread a while back that discussed the portrayal of females in GoW and ran the gamut of opinion as expected, with a helping of misogynistic trolling on the side.

Here it is (locked, what a shock):


I remember that I muted that thread fairly early…

@Lyya I remember that thread. I even suggested more skimpy males. Though one of the last posts before it was locked stated we’d end up with a glittery male with performance issues. It killed me.


It doesn’t bother me. I am fairly apathetic to it. As you said: “It’s art.” It is not a photo of a naked human so there is no “attraction” for me in that regard. I just see it as a character in the game… when I even stop long enough to notice it!

I think the skimpy female art takes prominence because historically men gamed more than women.

But I am also man enough to say that if the female supporters of GoW want a scantily clad male troop then they deserve it.

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@efh313 -heh- Its not on my huge list to see from GoW. Though I do think it would be funny to see. Not even something I’d look at seriously. If I was the developer I’d design something like a ugly goblin with a fishnet shirt and a beach thong. That should kill everyone with humor. I know it would for me. Okay maybe I shouldn’t give them ideas. (ie going off the comment from “Careful what you wish for. Last thing they made “one for the ladies” we got Incubus. Who’s a smarmy looking fellow with performance failure.”) Hence why the suggestion for fishnet shirt and beach thong fits in with that persons performance failures heheh.

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@Lyya i took the picture on your site, are you going to change the cards look like ingame or you will stay with the old style?

Personally i prefer the old style it’s much better

Alright need to go make dinner for my bf and kids. Hope no developer reads and we come out with a questionable male goblin.

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I have no immediate plans to change my site design.


When I look at your site it’s like an old photo album of wonderful times (minus Justice) she was a PITA for almost a year. Probably because she was too overdressed for Gems😉