Happy Halloween!


I love carving pumpkins so I thought I’d make one for the community! Feel free to show off your own creations here.


WOW that looks great! Well done and Happy Halloween! :smiley:


That looks amazing!


Im thinking this deserves some type of reward :slight_smile:

Awesome job!

I think this should be Spooky Imps new head!


Just beautiful work @Glenna

Choo choo!


Wow! Fantastic job Glenna! :ghost:


A new Headless Horseman troop with this as its head. Spell would be throwing it at the enemy troop.


Great job, looks really good.


:clap: :clap: :clap:


ooooo-aaawwwww!!! This should go up on the loading page for Halloween this week! its really NEATO-FRITO! also sell this pattern for some merchandise ideas


could we get pumpkin gems or pumpkin stun icon for a limted time haloween event in honor of this fine craftsmanship?


Ya know skulls had cute little bunny ears for easter so maybe we will have jack-o-lanterns for skulls tomorrow! That would be gangsta!


Beautiful work, Glenna! Happy Halloween to you too!


Nice job, @Glenna. Thanks for sharing it.

Happy Halloween!


Amazing, very nice job!


Wow. Amazing Job


This is amazing! The office can’t stop talking about it!


Great work! :smiley: