Holiday Overlay

Thanks for all the holiday touches in the game, logo, skulls as elf’s, reindeer, santa it makes the game a little more fun!! I especially like the new music on the main world pages. It is so much better than the old music which sounds kind of like a funeral march. (monotone, boring). Please keep the new music or at least replace it with something as upbeat and interesting as the holiday music there now. Please do not go back to the old music.
Thanks again for continuing to update the game as keep it fun and interesting!! :+1::+1:

Hello gemgirl! Unfortunately we will be returning to the original soundtrack after the holiday period. (Getting amazing fantasy music made is a huge process, and is very expensive! Plus, we love our music.)

Understand. I love the rest of the music just not the main world one. Well, thanks for the work on the holiday music and I will continue to enjoy it while it lasts.

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I thought the music/festive skull are alreqdy made, so why not sale them for $$$/gems for those who doesnt want to have blank skull all the time?


Great idea and the music option too!