REQUEST: Can we have more pieces of music in Gems of War?

First of all, I want to say, the new treasure map music is awesome! That reminds me about the main theme music of 2014 Chirstmas.
Do you have plans to make more music in this game?

Thank goodness, I’ve keep those 3 music tracks from old version GoW folder.
If you don’t want what I’m talking about, you can see them below:

To tell you the truth, I love old “intro” music much better than current “intro” music.

I’m a great fan of video game music. Really want to see if you DEV guys can release the soundtrack album of Gems of War. You know, I’m eager to pay for it!


I wish every kingdom could have its own theme. :slight_smile:

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That is a good idea!
Good music is very important !

yes, i agree as well. good music is very very important for a game. :slight_smile:

I agree. If every kingdom has its own music, that would be more interesting! :smiley:

That would be very cool… We may even have that planned! :wink:

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More music, or all 30ish eventual kingdoms getting their own theme?

+1 The Harry Pother-ish/Yu-Gi-Oh-ish music of TH really made the game enjoyable for me, even when I don’t have a lot of appealing for that mini-game…

Thanks for reply! Hope we can see new music soon! :slight_smile:

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