Please add information telling us what Festivity we celebrating

I love to know what festivity is celebrated when it happens. I suggest you add the festivities name in the settings, tell us the day and month and what festivity we can expect to happen. Just give information about it in settings.

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I have passed this feedback on, as the sunglasses are not as obvious as the Elf hat for example.So having a little tooltip or news in game would help explain.

But the sunglasses currently are the Summer Skulls! :sun_with_face:


I genuinely thought it was some kind of aviator celebration and quietly pondered if it was to do with top gun :joy::joy::joy:

Enjoy having a giggle at my dumb moment lol


That’s awesome and thank you Jeto! :grinning:

I asked elsewhere, but what was first ever holiday skull? Also, Hawx, same.