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What is the deal with the skulls wearing sun glasses?

I have been playing since reset and these skulls pop up…not only pop up but they swarm the board, I am getting 3 or 4 times more skulls since they were added in. is this a glitch or a feature


They’re holiday gems… you can turn them off…

No reason they’d be swarming the board - that’s just RNG… or you had a bonestorm or doomstorm in play…

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Maybe because summer is starting soon?

makes sense, but no, neither storm was in effect but there’s a ton of them going on

Silly australians think June 1st is the first day of summer for northern hemisphere because their first day of winter is June 1st.


I tell you what, it was definitely the first day of winter down here.

its 9am in the mid us… its 98 deg with 112% humidity… def summer here geeesh


edit… the sun glasses just make the skulls look more prevelent thats why it looks like its more on the board.
you can turn the effect on and off during the same battle. look at the difference :sunglasses:

Silly Aussies indeed… As if those skulls would need to protect their eyes… :rofl: :joy:

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I think they look like Bad Cop from The LEGO Movie.