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Video: Spooky Imp Halloween Event

Hello everyone! Today I go over the new Halloween themed Spooky Imp. It is the 6th and last of the seasonal imps. It is also the first troop in the game to have the mechanic to transform enemies into a specific troop. More transform troops are coming in the future. I will also be covering a video on all 6 of the seasonal imps later.



You Are a Big Man Tacet :smiley: you now ? :jack_o_lantern:

I really wish I hadn’t traited the imp!
I thought he would be much better than he actually is. Oh well I should have enough glory in a day or two to fully trait my sorcerer class :stuck_out_tongue:

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I take it you were pretty tired when you made this video. At around 3:40 in the video, you say that you’d preferably take out yellow, but that there’s no way to get an extra turn out of it. There was actually 2 four+ matches on the board if you converted yellow to purple and you even hovered over one of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes I am tired since I tend to do videos in the morning, but a good majority of my misses are because I am commentating over them. My miss rate is much smaller when just normally playing since I don’t have to think about and do commentary at all.