TaliaParks Presents: The Kingdom Evaluation/Breakdown Thread


As the Console version nears it’s 1.0.8 Patch in “early April”, I will be breaking down the 17 Kingdoms and their Troops in detail on a daily basis, starting tomorrow with Khaziel, Land of the Dwarves.

There will be Discussion, there will be strategy talks and there will be ratings.

Stay tuned!


I thought it was 1.0.8 in April since we’re still in 1.0.7? I find it hard to believe that we will be able to catch up to the PC/Mobile so soon when “simple” things like new troops cause so many issues.


Long, loooooong day (not related to GoW), so I went ahead and fixed my OP. Thanks for the heads-up!


The upcoming patch is 1.0.85 - it has all the troop & trait changes that just went live in 1.0.9, but not the messaging, hero levels, etc.


Ah I see. Thanks.


Land of the Dwarves

Banner: Brown +2
Tribute: 250 Gold - 0 Souls - 0 Glory

(Legendary) Gorgotha - Cost: 15 Brown/Yellow - Spell: Doomstones (Explode [3+Magic] random gems)

(Epic) Emperina - Cost: 14 Brown/Red - Spell: Breath of Life (Give an ally [0+Magic] Life and Attack, then Cleanse and Heal them)

(Ultra Rare) Blast Cannon - Cost: 14 Brown/Red - Spell: Ground Zero (Deal [5+Magic] damage to a random enemy, and Silence them)

(Rare) Bombardier - Cost: 8 Brown/Red - Spell: Boom! (Explode a Gem. Deal [1+Magic] damage to a random enemy)

(Rare) Deep Borer - Cost: 9 Red/Blue - Spell: Drill (Destroy a column. Create [3+Magic] Brown gems)

(Rare) Dwarf Lord - Cost: 9 Brown/Blue - Spell: Ancestral Axe (Deal [4+Magic] damage to the first enemy. Gain 4 Armor if the enemy dies)

(Common) Dwarven Miner - Cost: 3 Brown - Spell: Dig (Destroy a Gem. Gain [0+Magic] Gold)

(Common) Rock Worm - Cost: 8 Brown - Spell: Burrow (Deal [2+Magic] to the last enemy. Create 7 Brown gems)

Gorgotha - Excellent Mana booster, charging your other Troops with each cast. Can chain moves with moderate frequency. Deals low damage with each Doomstones cast, great for finishing off near-dead enemy Troops, but should not be relied upon as a damage dealer.

Emperina - Above average support Troop, great for casting on your lead Troop.

Blast Cannon - Decent damage with Ground Zero, but lack of manual targeting hurts this Troop’s overall usefulness.

Bombardier - Average value as board control and below average damage output. Lacks targeting with damage, hurting it’s usefulness.

Deep Borer - Average Mana booster with the column Drill destroys, and an average Brown Mana generator with the created Brown gems. The Brown gems generated will occur before the missing column fills, try and avoid hitting the middle columns of the board.

Dwarf Lord - Hard hitting Troop (11 damage) at level 15, great to use against front-loaded enemy Teams and Teams that use a Tank-type Troop. If Ancestral Axe is used multiple times, this Troop’s value increases a small amount as an average Tank. Because of his self-enhancing ability, he excels in Arena and is one of the better choices for the Rare category.

Dwarven Miner - Very little value overall and a very below average board control potential.

Rock Worm - Excellent chaining ability and an average Brown Mana generator. Has a habit of killing Teams from the bottom up, especially when multiple Rock Worms are on the same Team.

Ratings (out of 10):
Gorgotha - 9
Emperina - 7
Blast Cannon - 7
Bombardier - 5
Deep Borer - 6
Dwarf Lord - 5 normally, +2 for Arena
Dwarven Miner - 1
Rock Worm - 6 solo, +1 for each addition Rock Worm

Overall I would conclude an all-Khaziel Team to be average in strength. The Kingdom is very Brown Mana-reliant and completely lacks Purple and Green Mana-using Troops. I recommend using Brown Mana generators when using multiple Khaziel Troops. This Kingdom’s Troops cross over into other Kingdom’s Teams well, as long as Brown is used.

Other than Gorgotha, and the Rock Worm Teams, the majority of these Troops can be ignored for better Troops from other Kingdoms.

Next Kingdom: Zhul’Kari, Land of the Arachnids


Sorry to butt in again; but since there are big changes on the way to the console versions in the coming weeks, I wonder if it’s a little late to analyze the kingdoms/troops for this version. The reason being that this information will be outdated quickly, unless you plan on making updates for 1.0.85.


I think these are pretty solid ratings - I’d maybe put Dwarf Lord at a 5?

I’ll also mention that although Bombardier is a pretty lackluster troop compared to others, he’s a top pick for me in the arena, where troop synergy is less important and self-reliance is key.

In the 1.0.85 update (as in 1.0.9) Dwarven Miner now gives 100 gold on cast, which will make him handy for low-level teams who need money by any means possible. Still not amazing, but he’ll be useful for some players at some times.


I do plan on going back into this and changing the information when we get the update as well as adding the new Kingdoms when they are released :v:

I didn’t mention Arena specifically in the analysis part, but for Troops like Dwarf Lord I should (and will, thank you for the heads up). I was initially going to give Dwarf Lord a 5, then remembered he is one of my favourite Troops in Arena, so he got a 6.

EDIT: I actually figured it was best to “split the difference” and gave Dwarf Lord a 5 normally and a 7 for Arena.


To be perfectly clear, I will be expanding on my OP with each addition and the rest of the thread will be for open discussion and criticism by everyone. So you are not “butting in” @Testr at all.

If there is a strong opinion on certain aspects of my breakdown to be changed, I will go back and make the appropriate changes. I don’t claim to know everything and I do not have extensive knowledge of ALL Troops.

@Mr.Strange I noticed the Tribute amounts on the Wiki are different from what we get in our version. Will they be changed to be at par with the PC version? If not, could you please send me a list so I can put this into my breakdowns?


Assuming you mean the tribute list here:

Yes, that’s the 1.0.85 data.


Yeah that’s the list. For example, it says Khaziel is 250 Gold - 0 souls - 0 glory, but I receive 1,000 Gold, which wouldn’t be explained even with the double-Gold weekend we have :slight_smile:


In the PC version having a kingdom as your home kingdom doubles the tribute so that’s 500 gold. Also when a kingdom has a 1 star power level the tribute is doubled, so it seems that we have credit for power levels even though we can’t see that info.



That starts to make complete sense until I do the math. I have all 8 Troops leveled to 15 so that’s 1600 points for me right as we flip over the update, that’s got to be at least 3 Gold Stars and then I should be getting 550 (1,100 this weekend).


2 stars= 1700 3=2100 4=2400 5= 2600
It is fairly annoying.


Home kingdom = double tribute.

With double gold weekend = 1000 gold.


@Ragereaver + @Mr.Strange = 1,000 Gold

Also means my breakdowns will have Tribute


Land of the Arachnids

Banner: Green +1 & Purple +1
Tribute: 0 Gold - 0 Souls - 5 Glory

(Legendary) Webspinner - Cost: 16 Green/Blue - Spell: Venom Weave (Deal 2 Damage to all enemies and Poison them. Create [5+Magic] Green Gems)

(Epic) Dokkalfar - Cost: 15 Green/Purple - Spell: Dark Swarm (Summon a level [0+Magic] Spider Swarm. Gain 1 Magic)

(Epic) Tyri - Cost: 8 Green/Purple - Spell: Treasure Hunt (Remove all Gems of a chosen color. Gain [4+Magic] Gold. Boosted by the Gems removed [Ratio 3:1])

(Ultra Rare) Spider Queen - Cost: 9 Green/Purple - Spell: Web (Reduce an enemy’s Armor by [1+Magic] and drain their Mana)

(Rare) Dark Maiden - Cost: 6 Green/Red - Spell: Spiderbite (Poison an enemy and deal [0+Magic] Damage)

(Rare) Night Terror - Cost: 8 Red/Purple - Spell: Shriek (Deal [0+Magic] Damage to the weakest enemy, and remove all Blue gems to boost Damage [Ratio 3:1])

(Common) Reaver - Cost: 6 Green - Spell: Double Slice (Deal [0+Magic] Damage to the first 2 enemies, and remove all Red gems to boost Damage [Ratio 3:1])

(Summon) Spider Swarm - Cost: 6 Purple - Spell: Spider Bite (Deal [1+Magic] damage to an enemy. Has a chance to poison the enemy)

Webspinner - Exceptionally good damage dealer and chaining potential. Best green Mana generator in the game. One of the best Troops in the game overall.

Dokkalfar & Spider Swarm - A rare summoner in this game, they are great for creating temporary shields to protect Troops with powerful Spells. Still a very underwhelming Troop overall.

Tyri - Can be used for board control or Mana blocking an enemy Team that relies heavily on one color. High attack. Good for Gold farming.

Spider Queen - A Mana blocker that also weakens the enemy’s Armor. Above average support Troop.

Dark Maiden - Poison’s usefulness reduced by only targeting one enemy, therefore a below average damage dealer. Pairs well with a Hero weapon with True Damage in Arena.

Night Terror - Great for picking off weakened enemy Troops. It is best used in a Team that doesn’t use blue Mana, like most Zhul"kari Troops.

Reaver - Great choice for new players. It is best used in a Team that doesn’t use red Mana. One of the best choices for the Common category in Arena.

Ratings (out of 10):
Webspinner - 10
Dokkalfar - 3
Tyri - 7
Spider Queen - 6
Dark Maiden - 5 normally, +2 for Arena
Night Terror - 6
Reaver - 5 normally. +2 for Arena

Overall I would conclude an all-Zhul’Kari Team to be above average in strength. The Kingdom is very Purple and Green Mana-reliant and completely lacks Yellow Mana-using Troops. I recommend using Green Mana generators when using multiple Zhul’Kari Troops, the best one being Webspinner, a Zhul’kari Troop itself. This Kingdom has a high rate of Status Effecting/Debuffing Troops and tends to favour attacking weakened Troops. This Kingdom’s Troops cross over into other Kingdom’s Teams well, and Webspinner can find a place among any Team.

Aside from Webspinner, Dokklafar is one of the better Summoners in the game and there are a few Arena stand outs in Zhul’Kari.

Next Kingdom: Sword’s Edge, Land of the Knights


dokkalafar is horrible 1/10 one of the worst troops in the entire game…


Land of the Knights

Banner: Blue +1 & Yellow +1
Tribute: 125 Gold - 0 Souls - 5 Glory

(Legendary) Shadow Dragon - Cost: 14 Yellow/Purple - Spell: Evernight (Poison all enemies, and deal [1+Magic] True Damage to a random enemy. Transform all Yellow gems to Purple to boost the effect [Ratio 3:1])

(Epic) Tau - Cost: 11 Yellow/Blue - Spell: Stalk Prey (Gain [0+Magic] Attack, and remove all Red gems to boost the effect [Ratio 1:1])

(Ultra Rare) Knight Coronet - Cost: 12 Yellow/Blue - Spell: Cleave (Deal [1+Magic] Damage to the first 2 enemies, and remove all Purple gems to boost the effect [Ratio 5:1])

(Rare) Griffon Knight - Cost: 9 Blue/Brown - Spell: Death Dive (Deal [4+Magic] damage to a random enemy, and create 7 Yellow gems)

(Rare) Warhound - Cost: 7 Yellow/Green - Spell: Howl (Reduce the first enemy’s attack by [0+Magic])

(Rare) Wolf Knight - Cost: 8 Yellow/Brown - Spell: Hunt (Deal [1+Magic] True Damage. Add 3 Damage if the enemy is wounded)

(Common) Lance Knight - Cost: 9 Blue - Spell: Joust (Destroy a row. Gain [1+Magic] Armor, boosted by all Green Gems destroyed [Ratio 1:1])

(Common) Peasant - Cost: 3 Blue - Spell: Pitchfork (Destroy a Gem and the Gems either side of it)

Shadow Dragon - Underwhelming as a Dragon-type Troop, Shadow Dragon is one of the fewer-used. However, it’s damage output has a high potential, hindered by the lack of targeting. Poisoning the entire enemy Team improves Shadow Dragon’s overall usefulness.

Tau - Great for Skull-based Teams, Tau can reach high attack faster than most other Troops. Avoid using important Red Mana Troops with Tau. His strength is to be in the first position, or last where he can grow to the strength of one-hit Skull attacks.

Knight Coronet - This Troops biggest weakness is a high Ratio to trigger Spell boosting. Other than that, this Troop can be a consistant and effective damage dealer. A stand out in Arena in the Ultra Rare category.

Griffon Knight - An average Yellow Mana generator, it shouldn’t be relied on it. That being said, can’t be relied upon to be a consistant damage dealer as well because of lack of targeting. Overall, this Troop averages out and can be used as support and damage dealing equally.

Warhound - Only real use is to counter Skull-based Teams and weakening the lead Troop’s attack.

Wolf Knight - A great companion for other True Damage Troops, this Troop has a tendency to pick off weakened Troops with ease. A real stand out in the Arena in the Rare category, especially when paired with another True Damage Troop/Hero weapon.

Lance Knight - An average tank, this Troops also has a small role in board control. It’s spell will also collect all Mana destroyed, great for topping up near-charged Troops.

Peasant - Very underwhelming and below-average Troop. Not much use, even to new players.

Ratings (out of 10):
Shadow Dragon - 8
Tau - 8
Knight Coronet - 6 normally, +1 for Arena
Griffon Knight - 5
Warhound - 4
Wolf Knight - 6 normally, +2 for Arena
Lance Knight - 5
Peasant - 2

Overall I would conclude an all-Sword’s Edge Team to be above average in strength. The Kingdom is very Blue Mana-reliant and completely lacks Red Mana-using Troops, as well as Green and Purple Mana being very under-used. I recommend using Blue Mana generators when using multiple Sword’s Edge Troops. This Kingdom has a high rate of Mana-removing Troops. This Kingdom’s Troops cross over into other Kingdom’s Teams well, with shadow Dragon being an oddball Troop, seeming to belong elsewhere.

Next Kingdom: Karakoth, Land of the Ancient Gods