1.0.7 Patch Preview Part 2


Learn about changes to Team Bonuses, Kingdom Levels, and the Hero Menu in our latest preview!


This looks amazing, well done team…


Looks sweet!
Quick question: So it seems like there’s less emphasis on Soul now? If we don’t need to level troop to level up the cities anymore, are there any other motivations to work on the less played cards? Will we have different outlets to funnel our Soul into?


Loads of work updating your map once this goes live :slight_smile:


So if gold is going to be used for kingdom leveling, what is going to happen with the guild tasks?


A couple of quick answers (the souls one copied from the blog post).

Regarding Souls…
In the short term, Souls are a little less important than they were (though we found the Scouting feature does lead to using a number of Teams, and with more troop diversity it still requires Souls for them all).
In the longer term, beyond 1.0.7, we have some plans for souls/troops that will see them equally as important as they are now (hint: it’s partly related to the COLLECTION button on the Kingdom Menu)

Regarding Gold…
Gold will need to be split between Guild Tasks and Kingdom Levels now. I think that meaningful decisions like that are good though. Note that due do bonuses from Difficulty Settings, and the Global bonuses that allow you to easily get into the more difficult modes as you progress, there is generally going to be more gold entering the system anyway, so in practice it might slow down guild tasks a little, but I don’t think too much, especially since a lot of the very hardcore guild contributors have achieved max-possible-level in their kingdoms already.

In practice, these are both systems that really did need some change so we can progress the game to where we want it to be in 2016.


Wow, looks like you really put a lot of effort into this update. Can’t wait for it :smiley:

Btw I was just wondering, why not name it 1.1 update if you basically give everything an overhaul? :wink:


t this rate the 1.1 update probably includes full VR support :stuck_out_tongue:



I just spent all my gems on shiny new Celestial armour. Should have read the patch preview first…would have totally bought Dragon Armour instead.


Hi actreal,

Contact our support… if you just purchased the armor, they’ll happily exchange it for you!


Can we get it to empty my dishwasher too?


Not sure. Ask support. They help with everything else already :wink:


Emptying dishwashers? I’m pretty sure that’s in 1.0.8. We’ve nicknamed it the “Domestic Maintenance Update” :stuck_out_tongue:


I just hope Sparkgrinder did not have his hand in it…


Looks really nice :smile:

A question about Hero Menu & Difficulty : you show a dragon costume and the % of gold is only +25%

So does costumes will lose their interest…? or they still count and apply with bonus of the difficulty level chose?

if it still counts , it would be good to do the addition according to the costumes selected, like we show in the mastery parts


Yes - all the bonuses add together, so you’d actually get a total of +125% Gold playing at Warlord I Difficulty with the Dragon Armor on.

In fact we’ve altered the main screen’s HUD to show you exactly that information… the top-left corner of a screenshot is below (the x2.25 Gold actually means +125%… in other words you’re earning 2.25 times the amount of gold from battles)


The game is getting professional :sunglasses:


Oh wow. That is just beautiful. I just want to play so much! :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick question: since the home kingdom doesn’t give a mana bonus anymore, do we benefit from a mana bonus in Arena, or not?

In any case, I’m really excited! :slight_smile:


Is there anyway we could get the cost leveling cities do the guild can start planning guild task contributions?


I congratulate you , you are doing good work and consider the remarks of your players