What do you think about 1.0.7? ;)


Hello all!

What do you think about the new Gems Of War?

The massive increase of speed is extremely annoying. (I hope, that it is just a bug/issue…)

And the Warlord 4 is really insane! My best team was killed in three turns. XD



I love the speed increase!
I also love that not all card are gold anymore.

My team got squashed in seconds using warlord IV. :fearful:
But warlord I is quite fun!

I’m also curious about the collections…


Increased speed is not a bug. We wanted to improve the pace of battles.


The speed increase made me laugh out loud! It seems comical, compared to the slower speed from before. I’ll get used to it, but right now it makes me giggle.

So far it looks great! I’ll have to do some homework on stat bonuses since they don’t seem to work the same anymore, but the visual upgrade is sleek and I love all the new troop and team manipulation tools.

My only wish: I was hoping for a new troop featured on the startup loading page. Give some of the other troops some love! :kissing_heart:


Maybe next patch…


I will still love and play this game if the load screen is the annoying Dennis Nedry animation complete with constant loud repeating of “Ah-ah-ah! You didn’t say the magic word!” (Or maybe a more gem-appropriate quote?) I was not complaining, you had plenty of things to do this time around!


the SPEED, should be a players on/off switch. its nice, but i like the slow peace too.

and i saved up souls, to get my Lands to lv.10 and no you can buy your levels. i guess that could be good, but i hate it. TROOP page is nice, takes time to get use to it.


The type on the weapons and troop cards are insanely small! Good lord, if I didn’t already know what they did I couldn’t read it from the troop screens. Even still, it’s a challenge.

I’d also like a way to slow down the animation. That’s a little much.


I really really love the new speed. Seems like I’m the only one though. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I like the changes overall. Certainly the team building is a nicer overall system now.

The increase in play speed feels weird for now, but I expect I will appreciate it a lot after a few days. Just much less wasted time.

I’m a bit concerned that souls (and by extension, keys) are much less useful now. I was getting close to maxing out the last few kingdoms, and now I’m not sure levelling the troops will do that. I’ll find out soon I guess.

Warlord modes don’t offer enough of a reward vs. their difficulty. I have so far played 3 matches of Warlord IV, and won 1 of them. I only got 2600 gold out of it, so not worth the struggle. I am concerned that these modes swing the balance of troops too far in favour of control teams: silence, entangle, gem colour changing (infinite loops), are necessary because you cannot hope to simply beat down the opponent in time when they can 1-2 hit kill each of your troops.
In my opinion Warlord 4 should be removed from the game, and the rewards for W2 and W3 should be increased. Behemoth doing 14 damage and Crimson Bat doing 10 true damage to all troops seems like too hard to beat without silence.


So much to love in this update :slight_smile: …especially the faster speed, same banners for multiple teams and facility to name the teams. Yum yum yum.

  1. LOVE the boost info is on the clicked card in battle!!!

  2. is there a way to slow down the drop… to about half way to what it is now and what it was before? It makes the game feel like it has to be played fast and i like to take my time. i saw someone suggest it be a toggle. that also might work. or like the music and sound bars :slight_smile:

  3. also noticed that the scroll in/out (with my mouse wheel) on the map is not working anymore.

  4. arena is the major place i would be sorting my weapon by mana color. will it get the handy weapon sort next time?

  5. bug, i think noticed that my arena team got my team #1 bonuses.


I love that it keeps track of your wins and losses. The increase in speed to be honest makes me move faster… Guess it makes me nervous… Haha. The scouting option is also a nice addition. Took me a while to find where they moved guild activity to but no big deal. I also like that the cards are their original grade now even though they are level 15. Yeah and warlord kicked my butt with only 4 turns.


I just realized that the Bone Dragon is actually a “Dragon” and not an “Undead” !! -_-


Atlanta! Atlanta! Atlanta!


Agree… Warlord IV is pretty unplayable, so far… not worth the risk for only twice rewards…


Yeah, mostly great stuff! Though I too am finding the speed increase a bit too HYPER!


Not too keen on it.
Alt+F4ed out of the game and decided to do something else to be honest.

I’m one of the lucky ones - I had leveled all my troops. But I feel this update should not just have been jumped on people. The gold required to level now will put a serious dent in guild contributions for those guilds who’s members hadn’t already maxed everything anyway. Had I been farming souls in anticipation of the patch to level my troops before, and just missed it because of one night’s sleep, I think I’d be annoyed.

I tried out the new difficulties. After all, I now need 320k gold on top of my guild contributions. Seems they have become an exploder’s wet dream. Opponent had Gorgotha. Once that powered up my whole team was dead without me able to do more than a couple of matches. The amound of extra turns Gorgotha got out of cascades, coupled with the amound of skull matches it cascaded into resulted in an easy 20+ damage per explode on several occasions.
So I’ll be steering clear of the difficulty setting. The only part it improved on the worst times of webspinner green spam is the speed: at least it is over fast.

The new bonus system for troops will be fun once there is enough of a selection to make those bonuses have viable set ups to go with them.


plz return old game!!! its very very very ugly game now!!!


Tried some more.
Webspinner is worse than ever. And with the new speed it feels even worse.

Sorry, but I’ll be back after the next patch.