1.0.8 Preview Part 3 - Shop and Kingdoms

Get a first look at major changes to the Shop, Kingdoms, and the brand new VIP system.


So Like. Holy Crap. Double kingdom bonus when all you have all troops from that kingdom and they are maxed. This is NUTS. I’m interested to see it in action, but it will definitely make those players who have everything maxed already, INSANELY powerful.

At the end of the video it said to see the patch notes at the website, will those be released today as well?

I think this is obviously going to be your most controversial preview since it has so much to do with money, (“I can hear the It’s P2W now!” screams already) but there is some exciting stuff in here also.

You know, a simple WOW would suffice…

Level ALL the Karakoth troops to 20! :scream:

Oh, man… My wallet is crying… :cry:

I noticed that when you get to VIP 5 all new troops start at level 5. If you already have all the troops, then get to VIP 5, will it boost all your troops?

Sadly, no :frowning: As easy as that actually sounds, it had some technical issues… we couldn’t come up with a way to implement it that didn’t cause a bunch of problems.

That’s sad, but i can understand the challenges with that. You could always just give those players a few thousand souls :wink:

Will the patch notes tell us how many points are needed to get all the way to VIP 10?
Will they also tell us what all is unlocked at vip 10?

You mean this? Pause at 1:45.

This doesnt tell us everything. As an example at vip 5 it says all new troops start at level 5. I wanted to see ALL the bonuses of the VIP system, but thanks.

In the first preview @sirrian mentions that the vip chests will be left as a surpise and talked about on this third preview but arent revisted…is that still going to be a surprise then?

Holly rusted metal Batman!
So many new features!

Can you hear the wails of future? Crying for “unbalanced” gameplay?!?

I can’t wait to unleash my mystical level 20 Carnex with all its new traits on the world!

I’ll ask santa for 5 Sheggra!

It will be my pleasure to open my wallet again! Because, it might free to play, but not to develop.

Thank you for this amazing product @Sirrian and team!


I second this! Well except for the carnex part…

That 15 gems for 15 days looks like a nice little subscription.

Wow, these last couple of patches really have changed the game a lot! It looks great, adds a lot of cool stuff, and I’m excited! My wallet won’t be, but I’ll muffle it’s cries under a pillow and smile anyway…

I won’t say “keep it up devs” cause after these last few months I’m sure you are begging for a break, but I’ll stick with “awesome job” :sunglasses:

Wow this does appear to be loaded with new features, can’t wait! I’m also interested to see what VIP level I turn out to be once the patch goes live.

Regarding the new kingdom level system, I assume the 1.07 system of paying gold to boost a kingdom to 10 to get your stat increase is still in effect?

Yes, kingdom power levels are an extra feature on top of that.

I’m looking forward to 1.08. Just curious how the kingdom levels that we increased with gold are affected by the new system.

(Oh, looks like it was answered in the above post, thanks)

Just to clarify, the ONLY way to get VIP points is by spending money, right? There’s no other way to get them?

Your are correct sir.

Still hoping for a new arena mode or some type of new mini game. Glad to have new things to buy, and even a reward for spending money. :slight_smile: