1.0.7 Patch Preview Part 1

New Troop Management and more!
Get a first look at new features coming in 1.0.7 >> http://bit.ly/1W5k6mz


This looks awesome! And do I spy a new troop in there? The Anointed One looks cool, maybe an orc? And finally the full art image will show on the cards!

Oh wow, I am so looking forward to this update. I want to try everything out right now! :smile:

If there’s an existing implementation to peek at the opponent’s team setup, would it be too much to ask to have a similar interface for us to check out our own guild member’s formation in the Guild Roster?

As it is, the guild chat log does not really survive too long, especially in a chatty guild, and many of our discussed team formations get pushed out of discussion frame within matter of days. It would be helpful if we could just check out our own Guild Members’ Defending Team for reference and guide.

We have a guild update planned in the future. We’ll discuss something like this when we go to implement it.

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Love the new card design. You were right to showcase the art like that, I can’t believe how much you were hiding!

Very excited about the interface changes as well. Can’t wait to see what else is new!

Scouting should be more expensive imo. Well it’s not like am gonna use it anyways. :'3

If you’re only making 200 gold on an invade, then asking more than 50 gold to scout is a bit rich.

Considering higher level players with multiple team builds would benefit most from scouting, perhaps make the cost relative to the gain. Spending 50 gold to scout a level 1000 player when you’re going to earn 5,000 gold is a no brainer. (NB this only happens to other people in other threads, not me :p)

If you’re only making 200 gold on an invade, then you’ll have to think twice about spending 50 gold on scouting… So I think that’s a good thing… Scouting should be a privilege, not a right…

I may be being parochial here, but I think higher level players (for whom 50 gold isn’t very noticeable) have done the most to earn that privilege.

Often you’ll remember an opponent, or see that they’re lower level, or feel supremely self-confident anyway, and not need or want to scout.

For myself at the moment, I’d probably do it more often than not just to check if there was a Webspinner there.

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It’s always nice to have new feature and in this instance : scouting. But ask yourself, how many times have you paid the 10 golds to change an opponent? I’ve never done that once and i’m pretty sure not many did so. That is unless the patch somehow increases the dificulty by a good amount…

I do it all the time, to make sure I invade only kingdoms I have leveled up to 10, or to earn two trophies.

Funny you should mention that… :grin:

Why are you grinning? Why is he grinning? I am scared…

On a serious note, make the timer mode available :slight_smile:

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Part of the reason that changing opponent is not done more often, though, would be that the information you receive isn’t sufficiently detailed to determine whether it’s worthwhile. Lower level players could have a well built team or higher players could be amusing themselves with an all Musketeer defence. High PvP rank just means they’ve been active this week.

That said, scouting might not change that, since it looks like from the preview screens that you can only scout after you’ve accepted an opponent - i.e. after you can no longer change opponent.

I very rarely pay the 10 gold to switch opponent, unless it’s someone I remember sticks two Webspinners there… (@fromthestar you know who you are :smiley: )

Playing at higher difficulty sounds fun, and I’d expect higher reward… there was a whole thread about that somewhere (and @Archenassa had some rather strong views!)

It’s half term next week and I am on leave so I really hope this goes live…!

Soooo, new troops preview snuck in there? Anointed One. Looking good. And I went through all the kingdom background images and that seems to be a new one too?

It’s a secret :wink:

Man, you quoted a post with a typo. Now even if I correct the post, people will still know.


(see how artfully I changed the subject so people won’t notice the secret?)

You’re always free to change an opponent, the screenshots don’t appear to change that.

Similarly to now, up until you actually start the match you can change out your opponent at any time. Just click the ‘X’ to go back and swap 'em out. 2ez :grin:

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That is useful to know. Thanks for the correction. In that case, scouting could be quite handy for avoiding teams you don’t find fun to play or feel a bit overused.