Patch 1.0.8 arrives!

Patch 1.0.8 arrives on PC and Mobile!
Get the details on what’s new and what’s changed!

Thank you for the update! :smiley:

Thanks for this HUGE patch!
I am really surprised that I have only one star for my kingdom power despite 1600 points.
Is it normal? I thought that the max points was 2600. That means it’s currently impossible to obtain kingdom power level max?

It’s currently possible for most kingdoms but SUPER difficult (you’d need everything at Mythic L20 with full traits unlocked). As we continue add more troops to the game, it will get easier though!


I understand but I have 1600 pts and only level 1… I thought that with 1600 pts I will obtained 3 stars :stuck_out_tongue: .
For level 2, it asks me 1700 points. And level 5, it’s 2600. So level 3 must be 2000 and level 4 2300…
But why this distrubution? I thought that it will something more constant (1->600,2->1100,3->1600,4->2100,5->2600).
But in all cases, I really enjoy your works ;-).

I have a couple of bones to pick…

Ascension can only put in troops to sacrifice one at a time.
I don’t know why this is the case, seeing as we’re only ever going to do it when we have enough to go all the way to the next level. That should have a button for that purpose, either instead of or in addition to the ‘one at a time’ button. Commons are going to wear out my mouse.

Nevermind that one. Becomes 12.

Maximum Clarity?
I realize this will probably surface in the next 24-48 hours, but right now I’d love to know how much money is needed for VIP Level 10 and/or how it actually works. And how many points we need for Kingdom Level 10. And a couple other similar late-game totals.

Oh and the $25 gem option has conspicuously vanished.

Okay, first, YAY! Everything looks great! Opening lots of keys is awesome! Traits look super cool! Shop looks beautiful!

Second, thank you for all your hard work on this. Also, thank you for listening to our feedback - don’t think I didn’t notice the team bonus restrictions to unique troops or the fast speed option tick box!

Third, dang, I have to go to bed now!

I finished a task, and it popup up exploration task, says 12 keys reward. Maybe if you are already on Exploration task, it stayed at 6.

My keys disappear so fast. :cry:

OH. That makes sense, that totally happened before. Objection withdrawn.

Um. HOLY CRAP so many units became useful! This is awesome! (Well after trait stones of course).

Armor regenerating Paladin? Yes please.
True shot? Thanks!

How will traits work in the arena?

Scale guard just got nasty!

Editing my teams… hard to decide what troops to use. :smiley:

So now we know. Commons need 5+10+25+50+100 to get to Mythic. Total 190. I can get most of mine to Legendary but Mythic would need nearly double the keys I started with… 4500~ Gold keys. Coulda opened up more before the patch, too late now. It’ll happen eventually though, right?

i spent almost all my glory on the anointed one when the patch went live earlier today and i almost have enough glory to get another one. is this normal?

Nope, but that’s 1.0.8 for ya’! Welcome to the new standard my friend. Glory’s gonna become your new best pal 'round here!


Just as an idea, would it be possible to award some points towards kingdom power for completing challenges the first time? Doesn’t have to be much, just a bit to make them more interesting, they feel pretty obsolete right now. This would probably benefit new players most that don’t yet have a large pool of troops/souls to improve the power level. Maybe stretch the overall points required scale a bit if this would lead to the max level getting reached to easily.

kingdom challenges have been updated and are now harder when you get to 50 or more levels

Treasure Hunt reward scaling is odd. Vaults (the final end-stage chest) went from 2 Iron Keys or 1 Magic Key to 5 Glory Keys or 1 Gem Key, respectively. Shouldn’t it be at least 2 Gem Keys?

Had to do a bunch of maps for it to show me that one. And I don’t even know how the main currency scaling has fared.

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Is it just me, or is resource management bewildering now? I mean, trying to decided how and when to spend gold, glory, and souls gives me a headache… I like options, but this might be too many. lol


That’s without mentioning having to manage the 40 odd traitstones of all blasted colours… Getting very confused!

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