1.0.7 Patch Preview Part 2


Will there be a preview of the cost of leveling kingdoms so that we can decide whether to spend all our souls or not before the patch?

  1. Are the per battle gold/soul caps raised with the new difficulty system?

  2. Can we get the cost in gold per level for each kingdom increase before the parch goes live so we can spend our souls wisely and save some gold?


With these bonuses based on kingdom levels and teams I expect to see a lot more pay to win :frowning:
Right now I can quite confidently invade a level 140 even though I’m at 60 since the bonuses are small. But if my opponent has managed to gather up and level a team of dragons with several kingdoms boosting it, the odds for my ragtag group from nowhereville stands a lot less chance.
Or maybe I’m just pessimistic. Time will tell.


Time will tell indeed… But instinctively I don’t think GoW is ever going to see much pay to win…


I think your way off base here. I highly doubt it will become that bad. St the same time making kingdoms level with gold does help them make more money via gem purchases.


If you use the current difficulty settings I highly doubt that would be a problem.


Are we still gonna get kingdom levels from challenges and quests?


Are there any plans (either in 1.0.7 or later) to do something about the large amount of maps many players have obtained?

I was hoping we could get something where we can choose how many maps to use and use that number as a reward multiplier.

Use 100 maps? Get 100x the rewards.


As I understand it, not after the update.


I just want to say, this is something that I find very cool about this company. Many games would say, you bought it, too bad. This is by far not the only time on these forums I have seen you guys try to make things right that you aren’t required to.

I myself bought the assassin armor to try to level up kingdoms faster and thus get a better gem proc rate on coin collects. I have enough gems to switch to the appropriate equivalent armor, and frankly I think I will add some to the kitty with real money just because I really appreciate the way you have dealt with peeps. Once the update drops, armor upgrade here I come! :smiley:



It doesn’t seem that way, but maybe they will / could give a larger gold reward at the end so that it is equivalent to an early level in that kingdom? Would be kind of nice to still have completing the quests / challenges have impact on our progression.



@Sirrian Thanks for the suggestion. My high expectations of GoW support based on other forum threads were fulfilled and only hours later, thanks to Tom at Zendesk I now have shiny scaly Dragon armor! :grinning:


No, kingdoms will now just level from paying gold.

There have been some discussions about this, but nothing planned yet.


I have an excellent suggestion about maps: give them all to me! :heart_eyes_cat:


I’ve finally gotten around to finishing up the Wild Plains quests, and I’m noticing that a lot of the enemy lineups look like they are planned to take advantage of the new team building bonuses that have been described, such as a team all using purple, or a team entirely of beast types. I don’t remember any of the previous updates well enough to know how long little clues like this might have been dangled in front of us, but those devs are clever enough I wouldn’t put it past them!


@Archenassa Would if I could, maybe when the day comes that you can exchange currencies with players I’ll trade them to you for some Souls.

In the mean time, I’d also like to make a suggestion.
Is there any chance of allowing players to replay the campaigns in the future? Even if you removed any battle rewards while making the battles cost nothing would be enough for me. I just personally enjoyed the stories and would love to replay some of the more epic moments again (Khazial, anyone?). Maybe try out a new team and see how much further I’ve progressed.

Also, I’ve got an interesting minigame idea for an endless mode. (Your 4 Troops vs. Infinite Foes)
Maybe I’ll throw up some more in-depth ideas in a suggestion topic later.

All passing suggestions aside, love what you’re doing, keep doing it, hope to see more!


I’m liking all the new changes, except for one thing:

Changing the requirement to level up kingdoms sounds nice first, but it’s not incentive anymore to level up all the troops. Have you planned something about this?

And a little question: Can I attach more than one team to a banner in 1.0.7?


Wil I be able to finally play the game in my android after this patch? Have the input name crash been fix?


Will there be a part 3?


I recall reading somewhere that the new “collections” might offer bonuses related to leveling and/or gathering troops.