Patch soon/new kingdom(s)?


is the patch coming soon or new kingdoms?causeā€¦theres some pretty cool lookin pics in the game files :smiley:


Maybeā€¦ :wink:

In all seriousness, we hope to have some more information on the 1.0.7 Patch soon. We also have a new kingdom coming soon but no information to release on that just yet.


More hype this time. We had very little warning about Grosh-Nak IIRCā€¦ compared to, say, Stormheim.

Files you sayā€¦ oh my god what happened to Kingdom #18!?


Agreed. I didnā€™t save up any keys for Grosh-Nak; compared to the hundreds I had saved up by the time Stormheim finally released. I still havenā€™t gotten the ultra rare yet from Grosh-Nak.


So, I should rather save my keys ?


It depends on whether you have (almost) all other troops. No sense in spending the keys in that case unless you needs souls to level your troops.


I have already saved about 150 Magic Keys for the update. Just in caseā€¦ XD