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2.1 coming out tommorrow?

There seems to be no troops in showall listed for coming out tommorrow, and i have yet to see an official news on next weeks event… anyone else have a feeling its tommorrow?

Doubt it, we just got 2.0.1. Most likely a new kingdom though.

wouldnt the new troop still be listed, with a new kingdom?

Tomorrow’s event should be Divinion Fields. Even if the new kingdom does come out this week, the event for it will not be before next week.

They are all in the files, just not shown in game. Perhaps the devs found a way to hide future troops in game.

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gotcha, tyvm

They have, yes.

Yep new troops didnt show last week either

I miss the previews. It was great for planning how much glory to spend/save.

Was wondering what happened to the new kingdom…

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