I'm surprise there is nothing about the new kingdom tomorrow


Is there a delay?


No delay! The kingdom post will go out this afternoon. They normally go out the same time as our mythic posts.


Oops sniped


Ahhhhhhhh Gotcha! Thanks.


They did that on purpose because they know I have to leave now and will miss everything. :stuck_out_tongue: No news post = I’m not that disheartened about not being here when it happens.
Thanks, devs!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Saltypatra On a slightly related note, is the “day turnover” timeframe dictated by an American based publisher?


You can wake up to


If you mean the timing of the news post, the devs have previously indicated that they don’t announce new troops (including mythics and new kingdoms) until they are in chests so that players don’t open chests too early by accident.


No, I will wake up and then come back from the dentist to


Nah, I mean when the game ticks over for a new day and you get your daily rewards. It’s not based on an Aussie timeframe because daylight savings affects when in the day it happens, and given that it’s 5/6pm it happens here I’m guessing it’s based on Midnight somewhere in the US, which is why I assumed it might be dictated by the Publisher (if the Publisher is in the US, that is).


We picked the time for weekly reset as it is when the game is least populated. :slight_smile:


Yes, as Salty said, it’s the time the game is least populated. So if the new event is buggy (which happens a lot), less people will experience it.


Which does explain things because I imagine the largest proportion of players are situated within the US.

I am rather happy that it isn’t like some games that does the whole “maintenance” thing for five to ten minutes every day and the switch doesn’t impact on your playing whatsoever.


It’s a fixed time in UTC so that’s why Australian Eastern daylight savings time doesn’t affect it (or any other daylight savings time).


Yup good time to go sleep and let the other do the crash test dummies :slight_smile: