New kingdom soon?

We got 2 kingdoms with the update, which was 2 months ago. I have no idea what to expect as a result. But I do know 2 months feels plenty long between new kingdoms. Has anything been said? Any guesses? Will we have to wait til 2.0, whenever that is?

Yes, Not Guesses, and Yes, in that order.

2 months has actually been the standard. We had mid-December, and before that mid-October, and before that mid-August…

Yeah, I new 2 months was pretty standard but I wasn’t sure if 2 kingdoms at once meant a 2 month wait or a 4 month wait or somewhere in between. I knew there’d been talk of an ice kingdom but wasn’t sure if that’s already in the code, or if another is. Any ETA on 2.0 then? Seems like there’ve been hints they’re getting close.

Somewhere around 2 months from now from what we can gather.
Give or take a couple weeks.

If you look in the game files, you’ll see some png files, several including Kingdom icons, and most of them have 3 new shiny icons.
Now if you look further than just the PNG files, you could see how much troops are ready for their release.