New kingdoms PS4

When will new kingdoms for PS4 be released. I have completed all of them so far.

Firstly (mew?) kingdoms will probable be in 1-2 months if it coincides with weekly troops but to really help you @Nex or @Mr.Strange ehm come @MrSammy might be able to help you with this. Ok one of those might not be but you know mr sammy is a good helper of all questions.

I believe they recently made a post stating that they have 3 in the hopper. Don’t think they mentioned timing though. I’d assume one/month but dunno.

Bah humbug…lol

New kingdoms will be coming out more frequently than 1/month.

And that’s all I’m going to say on the matter!


quick everyone save all the things up. speculate 5 weeks or less for each kingdom.

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the events are obviously not goin in the exact order of the pc… I’m guessin the next 2 weeks will be the kingdoms but we’ll see.

At least i now have an idea. Gar nok just dropped this last week and i finished it today. Thanks for the help @Mr.Strange @DemonicDraco @Studs.