Not one, but two Kingdoms - now that takes me by surprise!

Interesting respons from Sirrian in another thread.


haha, this is so good. :slight_smile::blush:

So now I’m even more hyped for 1.09 :grinning:

7:24 am PST. Only 8 hours 36 minutes to go before the update starts. Can’t wait.

unfortunately that will be 1:00 AM here. On a working day. :scream:

I think he means that as in there will be another kingdom before 2.0. I highly doubt they will release 2 kingdoms at once.

Yes, @DonBoba pointed that out in another thread. :disappointed:

who farted?

But still 2 in a couple of months! NICE - my grinding yesterday was icky but i know why i need that much gold :slight_smile:

Damn, that would break the 21th Kingdom = last Kingdom thing !
But for now, I’ll believe it when I see it… But still, I’ll farm the extra money for a second Kingdom to upgrade to lvl10, just in case :wink:

I’m a bit surprised as well, though I guess there’s a lot of room left on the world map…

What are the colors for the 22nd kingdom?!

Rainbow kingdom! Troops that use all colors called Rainbow Bright kingdom!

(not a serious guess)

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could be right once the Imp Kingdom arrives!

Yeah I’m wondering when Primal will become an actual kingdom on the World Map. It’ll be curious how that banner will work out?

Well. All the existing banners end up giving a total of +2 mana.

well currently we have only 2 blue and 2 brown +mana masteries… so probably sand will be brown and the other will be blue :slight_smile:

Maybe they’re adding a new gem? A white one? That would increase the permutation to 28… And totally screw the game. :smiley:


and perhaps they’re increasing the board to 10x10. :slight_smile:

Nothing says the banners have to be +mana. Could also be +skull, so a match of 3 skulls does “Attack + 1” instead.

Which would add 7 more possible combinations

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The new banner could give +3 to one color, and -1 to another.

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