New kingdom ETA

Anyone has any estimated time for new kingdom?

@Nimhain maybe?

Iam asking because currently the Yellow Brown combination is the only one without a kingdom. Considering the weekly honor reward has Yellow / Brown arcane traitstone in them and theyre currently the only ones not farmable by replaying challenges.

I mean if the brown yellow kingdom is just around the corner it doesnt really matter. But if its not scheduled within forseeable future (next month or two) I would seriously consider dumping all my honor to stock up on those sweet sweet arcane traitstones…

I believe it should be within the next two-three weeks… not sure I can remember the source…

As I’ve said a few times now (just saying), they’re been super consistent with their kingdom releases. Darkstone was a month ago, mid-December. Wild Plains was two months before that in mid-October. Grosh’Nak was two months before that in mid-August.

Therefore, Brown/Yellow Kingdom is almost certainly going to be mid-February (so a month from now).

So we will have another kingdom coming (need that yellow/brown kingdom). No ETA at the moment though, as we’re hard at work on 1.0.9.

I’m hoping that after this next kingdom new kingdoms aren’t released for a while and we start seeing more troops for existing kingdoms to help flesh out team bonuses a bit more, and start seeing the rebalancing of existing troops to be more in line with the slight power creep.

this gave me a nose bleed and you probable know why.