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New Kingdom Release Schedule?

If console are getting Urskaya in the next week or so (now they have 3.1) and the versions are supposed to be getting more homogeneous, does that mean PC/mobile are not getting Merlantis this month per the expected schedule?

We’re currently playing it by ear.


I’m hoping it comes next week, but I don’t know. Console got Urskaya today, and Nimhaim confirmed that they will be getting both glory troops next week (numbers 8 and 9), which will match them back on the schedule for PC/Mobile.

Now, I don’t think they would do another kingdom for console a week later, but maybe they will give it to the PC/Mobile group early.

I need to spend all my gold keys! I actually ran out of minor traitstones for once.

I assume you have been crafting like a madman. I think I have enough extra minor stones to trait out every remaining troop in my collection that isn’t already fully traited.

It’d be really handy for me to know if the new Kingdom will drop before Autumnal Imp cycles away at the end of September, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see (at the very least until the devs make a decision!).


I crafted a couple when I really just wanted to be done with getting a kingdom to 7 stars. I try not to craft too much. Until I have extra majors for sure, I don’t really spend them. I also want to use the souls for troops as I’m getting very close to not needing souls anymore. Oh wait… Need 1.3 million for a weapon…

It already looks like it will be another year for me. After 150 VIP chests, 450+ gem chests, several hundred glory chests, and 25,000 seals, I still only have 4 Autumnal Imps. I did manage 4 mythics to 0 Imps though, so go me?

I have the same problem @actreal. I want to spend my keys to get 2 more imps. After the gem nerf, we all have to be more frugal. I’m not happy with delays, but as long as it’s before autumn imp goes away I’ll be happy.

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Is the new kingdom coming tomorrow?

No. It was delayed. Probably next month.


Damn. What am I going to spend keys for? Just an imp?

1,000 glory keys no imp.I guess I’ll try again later. Seeing as how I didn’t get any in all the keys I spent chasing the last 2 mythics, that’s not surprising.

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Yeah, that is a great reassurance: devs are improvising :+1:

At the moment Merlantis is slated for 20th October in game files.

After a similar experience, my new plan is to save 2,400 diamonds for Autumn Imps when they come round in Soulforge. Xathenos can wait.

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Well at least it’s consistent with my worst birthday week ever. I even tried to cheer myself up with some free IHOP food.

Bad Experience 1: I go to the Sepulveda IHOP and they turn me away. They point out it’s only redeemable at the Manchester IHOP.
Bad Experience 2: I spend the rest of my lunch driving to the Manchester IHOP which isn’t even an IHOP anymore. You can tell from the image it used to be an IHOP


So I point this out to IHOP. They send me a new coupon for the Sepulveda IHOP. I go there to try to cheer myself up again.

Bad Experience 3: The Sepulveda IHOP happens to be closed for renovations. Happy F***ing birthday.


I spend close to three grand on an Alienware laptop back in July with 4K laptop display and highest end 1080 graphics card and high end processor.

Bad Experience 1: I get the awesome laptop and it doesn’t recognize headphones. Then it started having problems booting and after using it a few times it becomes completely unstable after an hour of use.
Bad Experience 2: Had to mail the laptop in for repairs. They had to replace the motherboard and god knows what else. Some of the parts were out of stock so it took a few weeks.
Bad Experience 3: I get the laptop back. It boots, but the laptop still doesn’t recognize headphones.
Bad Experience 4: Instead of exchange, I opt to send out a technician to fix it. I had good timing and he was going to come right away. False alarm, he was sent somewhere else first. So I lost hours waiting for him. (Takes me 2 hours to get into writing mode, so it was lost time)
Bad Experience 5: He fixes it. I hear sound through headphones. Finally! 14 hours later, I turn on the laptop again. Not working again and now the one of the two USB ports doesn’t work.
Bad Experience 6: I’m done with this laptop. I tell them I want an exchange. They tell me I’ve had the laptop over a month, so I can’t do an exchange.
Bad Experience 7: I go through the whole long history and after several approval steps they agree to an exchange. they send out another beautiful laptop and it boots and the USB drives work and…it doesn’t recognize any of my 4 headphones.
Bad Experience 8: So I install the drivers and update the bios, now the screen that detects flashes on the screen super quick and only for 1 of the 4 headphones some of the time.
Bad Experience 9: So phone support calls in and agrees they’ll send out a technician next week. I just have do one more diagnostic he forgot to ask for before he ended the call.
So after two months and hours of my time wasted I wonder if Alienware will deliver me a fully functional machine. At least it’s fast and pretty to look at. :frowning:


So I just spend 5,000 glory keys this week and I how many autumn imps did I get…0. So maybe the city didn’t matter, although I would have chased it with VIP keys too. So bad luck, again.

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There are well over 25 legendary troops in the game, and 5000 glory keys should be about that many legendary pulls. It’s not surprising that you didn’t get a specific legendary you were looking for. Unlucky, but not outlandish.


It is frustrating. This is a second year where I won’t get him to Mythic. I opened 150 VIP Keys, 24,000 seals worth of keys, 500+ gem keys, and a bunch of glory keys. I think I’m sitting at 4x.

I don’t even think I’d play him, but it annoys me that he sits there at legendart, while I have all the others at Mythic + 6 or more.


I spent 11,250 gems on VIP keys trying to get even one autumn imp. No dice. It’s cool. I’m not trying any more. I promised myself I would quit the game if hit 0 gems, so I better go back to hoarding.

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Now I’m up to 18000 gems spent and not a single autumn imp.

On the bright side TUF:Unrepentant did 80 legendaries this week and got an off season imp that I needed. I remember when that many legendaries would be worth something. At least the off season imps continue to have some value.

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