GoW Let's Play #5: We Conquer the World!


Hello everyone! Today we get up to level 25 meaning that all kingdoms become unlocked. It is time to claim the world!

Tacet's "Let's Play Series" in order

Thanks for the update.

Can you talk about what level we should be trying to get our troops to in relation to our hero level? I’m at lvl 50 now yet my main troops are only about lvl 10.

I have so many troops to level up now (valkerie, tyri, hero class, plus the legendaries I’ve picked up like mab) i just dont know where to spend souls because theres too many troops to use.

At the same time quest troops are up to level 17 or more an becoming difficult.


The max level for the rarity should always be the goal. Arena and maps can help with farming souls at a fast rate. Maps in particular give 0 exp. Most of the better teams that you will fight around level 50 will have “max” leveled troops to the furthest rarity level each troop has. If you find yourself too far behind in levels, either try building fewer teams or do more Arena and maps.

I have done around 3 arena runs and 50 maps on my level 30 account.


An Arena guide would be helpful. In fact, I dont think you’ve done a map guide yet either?

I do lots of maps but no Arenas yet.


I have been planning on doing both of these. I just haven’t had time yet. My next Let’s Play video will be going over kingdoms and upgrading troops.


i have found that if you want to be competative, pick 2 teams to trait and level up to start. 1 team should have either valkary and/or tyri. By doing quests you can also get more daily gold. Gold will buy bigger kindoms, bigger kindoms will get you more tribute to get more keys.