Kingdom leveling?


I’m the new one here and the game, just started playing this game last week.
So i have a question about leveling the kingdom, i see on the kingdom screen that to level up kingdom to lv 3 needed Level 15 Troops but i had 2 troops lv 15 and the kingdom lv still is 2.
Anybody can help me about this issue?


10 level kingdom

  1. complete kingdom story +1 level
  2. complete all challenges in kingdom +1 level
  3. train 8 cards to level 15 +8 level


The troops must be from the same kingdom too.


thank u guys.
so each card from the same kingdom reach to level 15 will give 1 level to kingdom?


Yes 1 card 1 level


You might find some more info here: Kingdom Domination


OMG, i played the game for weeks/mounths, but didnt even consider, that the increase in kindoms levels might increase the bonuses in-fight as well. i realy thought, that it only increase the chance for gettin’ a bonus (gems, keys, etc).

But anyway, i beat the game fairly easy so far without all the bonuses (most kingdoms are 1 or 2, some are 3). Even my pvp winrate is about 80% (no legends used). I have to admit, that the my defense rate is pretty bad.


Hey thanks guys for supporting, i have 1 more question about leveling troops, i wanna level 2 same troops to level 15 but when i click to the troop there is no way or option i can level the other one troop. So can anybody help?


when you increase a level troop to 15, all of the same troop are in level 15.


Troop levels applies to all troops of the same name.
Basically, if you level a troop, any multiples of that troop will also be that same level.
Try placing multiples of a leveled troop into your team to test it out.


Thank you Kaya, so how can i reach my kingdom (Mist of Scales) to level 10 while there are totally only 7 troops of this kingdom?


You can’t for this time because there’s only 7 troops.
You must waiting the time a new mist of scales troops will be creating.
Be patient :wink:


Thank you Kaya


To date only the kingdom below can reach level 10:

Broken Spire
Divinion Fields
Forest of Thorns
Pan’s Vale
Sword’s Edge

Here the kingdoms that reaches the level 9:

Maugrim Woods
Mist of Scales

We’re waiting for the new troops :smile:


Assuming one troop every two weeks, that’s 12 weeks. Three months to go, and by then there will likely another kingdom which will take up two glory spots. Factor in the Winter Imp, and I think they will all be caught up sometime in February.


Sounds about right. The new kingdom has been confirmed for the big 1.07 build so should be in sooner than later as well.


What if I told you that all kingdoms could reach level 10 in 1.0.7?

Also Kingdoms will be easier for players to understand.


The imps would like to know if that includes the imp kingdom.

~ the imps who’d like to know


The kingdom changes in 1.0.7 means that the Imps don’t need their kingdom to be level 10 to receive bonuses.


Karakoth has only 7 troops at the moment. :slight_smile: