I've conquered a lot but

Hey all:

I’m looking for suggestions on what to do! I’ve beat all the kingdoms and all the challenges; I’m now just farming for arcane rage traits which I’m not getting a single arcane trait anywhere. I’ve done the daily challenges and not a fan of the arena system which could use an overhaul in my opinion. I’ve done the PvP thingy thing. So my question is this: Is there something else that can be done?? Also are there any plans for new kingdoms? I’m at I think 90% of the world conquered. I’m also looking for a fast way to gain seals for my guild. Thanks in advance everyone!! Have a great day!!


What level are your kingdoms? If they’re not all at level 10 then there’s that to do. Then there’s kingdom star level. Ideally you want them all at least to 3* and your 4 magic kingdoms at 5*.
Most of mine are 5*-7* with only 3 at 3and 1 at 4.
Your tribute rewards and hero /troop stats will increase greatly when you get the kingdoms to 5*.

oh cool ok I’ll work on that! I only have one kingdom at lv 10 which is my home kingdom. Thanks for the info!!

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Yes there’s so much mode to do! Ever wondered why hobgoblin only does 7 damage to two enemies and some opponents do more than double that? Same for any troop. That’s your answer right there. Karakoth, blighted lands, darkstone and zhul’kari are the 4 I’d recommend to get 5* first.

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After that I’d probably work on the kingdoms that give attack bonuses. Just click on the kingdom and browse the various bits of info to find out what you need to work on. Most people recommend the hp kingdoms after that to help counter true damage teams but i think I did the armour kingdoms because I was using rowanne and bombot a lot at the time. You probably already know this but join a good guild and get the dragon armour for 500 gems, if you’re proper hardcore and play a lot, get the deathknight armour. It’s a lot of money but so worth it and saves you 1000 gems and the hassle of swapping between dragon and celestial armour depending on the tasks you’re doing. If you’re anything like me you’ll keep forgetting!
Good luck with everything.

I think you’ve touched on most of the game modes - you just need to decide on what you want to focus on and go have fun. For myself, I usually do a combination of PVP (to gain gold and seals for my guild) and explore (to get traitstones that I need). I like to clear my daily tasks as often as possible, so I’ll put a team together based on that and then choose PVP or explore (and choose the difficulty level) based on how strong I think the team is.

New kingdoms are released on PC/Mobile once every 2 months. They are trying to catch the console platform up, so we’ve been getting a new kingdom about once every month. At that rate, we should be getting a new Kingdom called Silverglade sometime in the next few weeks, but the latest update has to get approval from Sony and Microsoft before they can release some of the new content, including that Kingdom. Once we’re caught up, there will be a new Kingdom once every two months, just as it is on PC/Mobile.

For seals, it depends a bit on what you want to do. If you want to maximize seals per battle, then PVP or explore at maximum difficulty is probably best. If you want to maximize seals per minute, then it might be a toss-up between PVP and minimum difficulty explore - sometimes you can do 2 or more easy explore battles in the same time that it would take to do one PVP battle where the inherent difficulty is higher. In general, they’ve designed the seal system so that you can generate them no matter what you do, so the more you play, the more you’ll get. Be sure to at least log in every day (even if you’re not going to play any battles) so you get the easy 15 seals, plus your daily log-in bonus.


fastest way for seals would be 1trophy pvp battles
second best would be easy/normal difficulty fast explore farming

not sure about what means the 90% world conquered but i think setting a goal to 5* or 7* a certain kingdom could be something nice to do

also trying to make different teams with new units (like a goal to trait courage or some base mythic and then makign a team with it)

those two types are the goals i use to set for myself to continue playing

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The 90% is of the world is completed. There’s kingdoms not available on console whereas they are on PC. Sorry if that was confusing; thanks for the advice though!!

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Just as an update on that, there was an issue with that calculation on console where it was counting all released kingdoms instead of all unlockable kingdoms (meaning it was also counting Apocalypse and Guardians). This meant that consoles could not conquer 100% of the world according to that calculations. When the next update is released, the console players can then also enjoy the feeling of seeing that percentage reach the glorious “100% of the World is Yours!”.


ahh gotcha!! cool thanks for the info!!