Huzzah! I did it! I did it!


I finally got all my Kingdoms to level 10!

Only took me to level 211. And a long way to go yet for maxing them out, but let us take this day to celebrate this victory!


Congrats, 1 more now. :wink:


Welcome to mid-game.


Gotta get that single gold star in all of them now. Then star going for 3.


Congrats! +1


Gotta watch that spoiler




Awesome! Now the game REALLY begins!


I’ve only got 8 at level ten (Whitehelm tho is a 5 star (only one)) and I’m level 309, every other week I level up at least 1 kingdom


Yeah, I went ahead and got 1 gold star for Whitehelm and Khetar (and already had it for Khaziel) and switched my home kingdom to Khetar.

My plan is to continue to focus on PvP and Dragon Armor for now since we have a new Kingdom around the corner and there’s some Commons and Rares that I would like at Legendary at least.

Eventually I’ll switch it up to Celestial Armor and focus more on Souls but that’s weeks away. For now I’ll just put my Souls into getting other Soul-heavy Kingdoms to 1 Gold star, then the rest of the kingdoms, then start in on 3 Stars.

Honestly my next milestone is level 241 when I unlock all the 40/40 weapons. Wondering if they’re gonna add in new ones right as I’m getting close.


Grats @Studs


Congrats :smile_cat:

I can’t wait to get all my kingdoms to 10. It seems like a 1000 years away though.


Congratulations @Studs. That is one aspect of the game that you no longer have to worry about. Let the fun begin! :slight_smile:


Congrats @Studs!

I have my magics at 10 and just now leveled the rest to 7…

Not quite there yet…


Good for you, @Studs! Just in time to level up the new one in 2.0!


@efh313, I’d recommend going one at a time. Magic > Attack > Life > Armor. Better to get the buffs as you go than put all that gold into for nothing until right at the end.


Congrats man, it’s a satisfying milestone. Like many here, next step is a gold star in each, to double tribute everywhere. Then 3, to double tribute chance. Then 5 (sigh). Get ready to start massively grinding souls :persevere:


congrats i only have about 1/2 and im 310 right now. I try and spend most my money on my guild for the few members i got.


Congrats Studs, nice achievement! I’m working my way to this and maybe i can get it before level 300. (But i feel guilty as hell to reduce my guild contributions…)


Yeah, my guild doesn’t have big taxes and let’s the end-gamers do the heavy lifting so that helps a lot. I was usually giving around 10k/week. I also started a little late since I began back in Oct/Nov. I’m sure it could be done sooner, but not by a lot :slight_smile: