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Almost to 4 stars... Yet so far!

Ok, so I finaly got all the troops of a kingdom to level 20 mythic.

I also have 15 out of 24 traits… I need 1 more to get to 4! Then only [sarcasm] 200 points (or 8 traits) to get to 5 stars…

… So much to do… And I’m out pf runic stones! :cry:

i swear to god if i have to fight that rockworm/deep borer team i will die(my team will die) so keep it out of pvp please

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People have been hoping for the same thing to happen to goblins. Lol. I don’t think I would hold my breath.

Nice work though. I’ve started doing the same with Stormhiem because it is one of two kingdoms that I have all the troops.

But I’m in the same position (well only have one gold star so far) - not enough traitstones. Good luck.

Why you boost Khaziel and not Karakoth first (for the magic bonus)?

I think it’s somewhat too much points required to attain 5 stars. Maybe adding points for quests and challenge like some players already mentionned…
I know that Sirrian said that with a 9th troop it will be easier. But, 5 kingdoms have only 7 troops and cannot be maxed… So we have time before having a 9th troop…

@turintuor I boost the troops once I get the stones. I currently have 45 troops maxed (mysthic, level 20, 3 traits), most are basic and rares.
I wish it could be Khetar, but I only have 4 mythics in that kingdom… Too many epics… Which are the hardest to get to mythic.
Currently, my challenge is the rarety of runic stones. I have hundreds of minors and majors, but no runics and few arcanes.

@MrSammy, must be nice. :sob:

jaw dropped

You mean Karakoth not Khetar ;-). Karakoth has also 3 epics so I think it will also be difficult… But, I use two Karakoth’s troops in my team so it’s normal for me to update this kindgom first.
I’m also stuck because of the epic extra copies and the horrible arcane traitstones… Let’s hope for a mining Kaziel mini-game :stuck_out_tongue: .

According to Tacet’s figures 100 mindless pushover games (~3 hour of your life) can provide you 1-2 rare stones.

The screenshot also demonstrates one amazing thing… and thats how the new ascension thing and kingdom bonuses are wrecking diversity. Just look at it. Every single troop has 20 attack (+/- 1), 30 health (+/- 3), and 21 armor (+/- 3). So every troop is basically the same apart from some random 10%-ish fluctuation.

edit: Had an actual comment regarding the topic and completely forgot about it… I think the 5-stars will become a lot easier eventually a little further down the line, once kingdoms start receiving 9th troop.


100ish got 2 epic stones and one legendary stone in about 180 minutes as well as many common, rare, and several ultra rare.

You also have to keep in mind this was just a byproduct, for I was mainly doing it for EXP.

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I have 34 lvl20 Mythics and almost three times as many Mythics total. Ten of the lvl20s have full traits, mostly Commons.

I am currently being stonewalled by Runic Water Traitstones, which is highly annoying because I need them to use the Water/Wind ones we just stocked up on from the event!

My kingdom power levels are two at 1-star, fourteen at 2-stars and four at 3-stars. I’m basically just looking to spread my resources around and keep an eye on easy breakpoints I can hit. Which is to say, nothing involving Epic/Legendary traits.

Bumping this, as it’s a real concern! Off topic though, sorry…

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well the armour does not matter as true shot is a thing. actually traits adds diversity as well as spells so just making everything have the sameish attack and defense is not too much of a problem because it gets removed from the equations.

Off topic! (and I utterly disagree :slight_smile: )

so any progress getting that 4th star?

Pffffff. I was feeling good about my troop and kingdom levels relative to the big fish in this game, and then I realized that this thread is almost four months old.

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The 9 troop kingdoms are easy to get 2 lvl 5. I have 2 up to level 5 so far.

I believe some people have all kingdoms 2x now, or at least very close. I am at the 1/3 point with 7 kingdoms at 5 stars.

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Not sure if I fit in here. Nothing at 5. 13 at 3 and the rest at 2. Buying a lot of gold chests and disenchanting a lot to get the souls needed to get everything powered up.