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The world is mine! (And all of it at level ten. =D )

And here i am, finally, all kingdoms at level ten at last.
I would like to say “thank you” to everyone in my guild, Crit Happens, specially @kzintiwife, who’s been supportive to the guild as whole and to me too.
It’s been two weeks since i stopped contributing with gold to get all remaining 19 kingdoms from level seven to level ten, and now it’s time to finally show full support with gold for the tasks that will help all comrades in the guild, as they have helped me. :smiley:

For a little bragging, all this grind for gold has put me into rank 27 so far:


Congrats man.

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Congrats! Nice work!

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Now on to get 3 Gold Stars on them all!


Congrats on leveling your kingdoms and ranking up! :smiley_cat:


Or five
(ten characters)

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Doing our guild proud! Way to go - and CONGRATS! :star:

Game on!!! :sunglasses:

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Massive congrats Razz! I’m getting through 1-2 per day but can’t even keep up with the rate you’ve been chaurning them out the last few days!

3 Gold Stars first, then 5.

Considering he just LEVELED the Kingdoms, 5 Gold Stars is going to be a long uphill battle

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It’s pretty impressive 19 kingdoms in 2 weeks.

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:slight_smile: glad the guild could help you along the way as well :slight_smile:

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You are doing fine taking your time, but to me the closer i got to finish it, the more pressure to rush i felt. Self control, who needs that? :stuck_out_tongue:

PVP extra gold, and some insane grinding, helped a lot. In the previous system it would be impossible in such short time.