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Noob Help for a beginner

Hey everyone glad to be in the community! So I just started playing as I am still working from home and needed something to kill time during the day. Now I am level 50 and want to get an idea of kinda where to go from here.

  1. Should my main first goal be completing all the kingdoms? I have done some other things like challenges and stuff but is my main first grind goal to do the kingdoms?

  2. I use my hero. level 25 warlord and then 3 heroes, Luther, fire lizard, drake rider. Is there a better team I should be using? I have not had any issues yet but usually my hero just destroys things.


  1. what is a good way to get my 500 gems for the dragon armor? I saw I should save up for this first.

Any help would be great thanks so much! I tried looking at some guides but seeing as this game is pretty old it was hard to find one for this version of the patch. Every guide I saw seemed kind of outdated?

Whether you play on Xbox or not, join The Unforgiven’s discord server. We’ve got plenty of guides and knowledgable players to help new people :blush:


If you do play on Xbox, our guild family is currently adding a new-player guild, The Unforgiven V*

I’ll make a spot for you, if you’re interested — the only requirement is 100 weekly trophies, so basically a login most days. The guild has all its statues at Level 100, and our veterans make sure to complete the blue task each week now so all people there get like 300 weekly gems for free!

To answer your immediate questions:

  1. Yes, kingdoms. First priority for sure. Spend your gold leveling each to Level 5, then get them each to Level 10 one at a time (don’t spend gold evenly at that point, in other words, because the stat boost from one maxed kingdom is worth more than having a dozen kingdoms at Level 6). Start with magic kingdoms that have associated factions if you can: Silverglade, Blighted Lands, Darkstone. Then do Karakoth and Zhul’Kari.

  2. If you want a weapon that can get you through most any content, level up Thief and/or Sentinel enough to get the Skeleton Key (lots of damage) and Shield of Urskaya (lots of armor, which can protect and be offensive if you know how). I’m sure others can give you more specific suggestions (I just don’t really focus well with the GOW database’s layout, since I’m not on a computer so it’s hard to sort quickly in a meaningful way).

  3. Treasure Maps can get you farmed gems. Collecting tribute every hour gets you passive gems. Joining a guild that completes the blue statue every week gets you 300+ a week — join one as soon as you can (and contribute gold to get gems in whatever guild you’re in at the moment in the meantime)!

Gl, hf :heart:



Ad.1. I say you should try doing things as they unlock:

  • daily adventure board (those you can, ignore these that are too hard)
  • dungeons when you unlock them (lvl 20 should be doable)
  • pet events when (up to lvl 20-30 fights should be doable)
  • faction events, if they show up (they might be too hard even at lvl 20, but try them - factions provide lots of gold from battles)
    other than that: try to unlock another kingdoms,
    you can try to unlock a stone hero class (either khaziel for runepriest of stromheim for titan) - these get more tanky as they progress, when they hit class exp to get lvl 20 traits, they will outperform warlord

As for main goals, i’d say:

  1. get dragonknight armor
  2. unlock all kingdoms and classes
  3. unlock all factions
  4. use gold to get all kingdom to lvl 10 - start from zul’kari and other kingdoms that give magic bonus (silverglade, darkstone,blighted lands) it makes most of your troops spell MUCH stronger
  5. build your team

other than that:
0. join a guild with some high lvl players, they will finish weekly guild tasks and provide you with lots of resources (starting from gems, keys, glory points, souls etc.)

Ad.2. I got an alt account, currently lvl 60 (so very close to what you got).
I’m using a team:
Hero (colden cog, warlord)
Clockwork Sphinx
(any other troop you like -> like luther)

it can easily do lvl 21 fights and even lvl 30 with some luck. tactic is pure dumb: boost up rowanne armor (with Sphinx and Cog) and just blow eveything up with her cast. You can easily make her have 50+ armor which results in 100 scatter damage from her cast

Ad.3. search for gems in daily adventure board quests
other than that, you get can farm some gems from treasure hunt (green chests at least) or count on luck while doing pvp/other games

other than that, best way for getting gems is joining a guild that finishes at least all blue standard tasks (300+/week, if my memory isnt bad)

I would definitely recommend this, by joining a guild immediately that completed a few tasks I managed to save the 500 gems by about level 65, if you’re on PC/tablet watch a few of the advertisement videos for occasional free gems, watch out for the flash offers on the top LH corner as occasionally these can be free (summer offers gave 2 x 50 gems for free I believe), otherwise you can purchase 100 gems for around £1-£2 depending on current flash offers, opening gold key chests etc.

Run while you still can.

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That’s about the only thing that hasn’t changed about this game in five years, dragon armor should be top priority. Gems are hard to come by starting out, so consider a cheap flash offer like $1.99 100 gems + vault key.

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