Noob needing help

I just started playing about a week ago and I feel lost.

Im not sure what I’m supposed to be doing. I have joined a guild and am just sort of doing quests and gaining levels. I have just over 50% of the kingdoms unlocked and am level 22 or so. I have completed all the quests in broken spire and the spider castle with the treasue hunter and got their cards.

How am I supposed to proceded? Are the quests set harder or do they scale with my level? I feel like the quests are getting harder but my troops are weak. I dont even know which are worth spending souls on upgrading. Im constantly low on souls and trying to get gold and souls and I cant tell if I’m doing it right or not.

In PVP everyone has much stronger troops than I. I managed to get to the next tier up 14 but dont feel like I have the troops to keep going.

The only way I feel like I am earning resources is treasure maps which requires me tofarm maps using the elf girl… Who isnt a strong fighter.

I have read several faqs and guides about different aspects but nothing really tells you how to play this game efficiently. What am I supposed to be doing!?

I tried arena and god I was just glad to get my 1000g back by barely getting 3 wins! Why am I forced to fight with my weak hero when the other side has higher level everything?

Do the story while it is still early game, the story scales with you. You just need to unlock your kingdoms, do their stories, do maps if you want, you need to level you troops and your kingdoms as well as give traits to your troops. Arena is for those who are at least level 50 or so, pvp is a nightmare so wait for clearance. Use maps as much as possible for gold and such. Tyri is your friend early game so use her.

Ok, thats pretty much what I’ve been doing.

I understand that I should save gems for dragon armor but what about glory? Should I be buying glory chests with them or something else?

Most people try to buy the weekly glory pack at least once, for the card contained. At lower levels this is useful because it gets you cards that are either Ultra-Rare or Epic qualities without having to rely on the chests. So I’d suggest doing that, and then probably glory keys.

Just don’t sweat the small stuff. Join a good guild. Try to do pvp as much as you can. Do as many of the kingdom missions as you can for free purple troops. and most of all just dance.