A few questions (from a new player)

Hi, I am new to this game and really enjoy playing it. I have a few questions, much appreciated.

What is the exact point of guilds? - I see that they add masteries and you get items for completing tasks. However, are there guild raids, world bosses or guild Pvp?

There are so many cards, but so far I have just used the same three plus my hero. If I try and use new cards they are easily killed - mostly in one shot. Can I replay older completed quests to play these new cards and level them up? Otherwise I don’t really see the point in all these cards as I won’t use many of them?

Global chat - I never seem to see anyone chatting in this game. Do players go on a specific channel? There seems to be so many channels; not quite sure why this is so necessary… Perhaps part of it may be that when I log in, sometimes the channel seems to have been wiped clear. Would be good if a record of what people have said isn’t refreshed.

I’ve looked at wiki, but is there somewhere I can read about useful tips in putting together a good team? I take it I will need to create separate pvp and pve teams.


What is the exact point of guilds?

you get a bonus to your daily login depending on how strong the guild is (up to double bonus for top ranked guild) but to be honest it’s not that much money, guild member can spend gold to complete task which reward all guild members with keys,souls,maps and gems (depending on the task) and yes your mastery increase by joining a guild, other than these 3 things there is no gameplay reason to join a chat

you can’t replay older completed quest, if you need souls to level up new unit i suggest doing the arena or challenge, leveling up unit you don’t use still raise a kingdom power level and when kingdom reach certain power level they give you more rewards so it helps doing that

chat - nobody use the chat because… well it was introduced like less than a week ago

as far as team building just see what works for you and look at other PvE team, there is no real suggested team, most people usualy use goblins since they hit fairly hard and are easy to use

At the beginning you can be happy with a good team that works well but as you progress maybe you will want to try different things with different troops.
Besides leveling them increases the power of your kingdoms.

As for team building, maybe these guides might be helpful?

The challenges unlocked from a kingdom’s story quests are another good area to get some exp / gold / souls.

The bulk of gameplay is PVP - you’ll get much more gold from a PVP match than anything else. Also, the same teams can be used for everything unless you really want to specialize.

Guilds’ current functionality is set to be improved a couple of patches from now. Nobody knows what we’ll get yet.

Thanks very much, that’s really helpful :slight_smile:

Should I then keep all the cards I get and not disenchant any? For me, it’s difficult to tell which card might come in useful in the future, so I’ve saved most. Do most players work on levelling up all cards to gain more rewards?

I wouldn’t disenchant any cards until I had them up to Mythic. Then you could use the excess ones for souls.

Don’t disenchant your cards. You will need them to ascend your troops to higher levels, thereby gaining skills.

Definitely keep all the cards for now - best (only?) way to acquire a steady passive income is to increase your Kingdom levels - the numeric level you increase by paying gold, but the Power Level (represented by stars) you increase by upgrading your troops. So even if you don’t use them it’s good to keep them, extra copies for ascension as already stated.

Make sure you get into a guild if you aren’t already. Most (not all) guilds are better than no guild.

I always have an open guild for nurturing new players for such an occasion.

Thanks very much for the replies, all very helpful. I didn’t imagine how much depth this game has! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the offer to be in your guild, I am in a guild thanks - s bunch of us came over from the mobile game puzzle and glory which is shutting down.