New player here, need some direction


I joined the game two weeks ago, currently sitting at level 100. I have all kingdoms to level 4 and 8 kingdoms to 10 (magic and attack ones). Also got the dragon armor

My pvp team consists of a warlord (with Morthani’s Scythe), King Silennus, Ragnagord and Apothecary and I manage to win about 80% of the 2 trophy games. I did PvP a lot to get the gold for kingdom upgrade.

My question is: should I continue to farm PvP for gold? I heard people saying that at some point I will hit a wall (around level 200).

Also, if any guild has a free spot (currently doing 1500 seals), please let me know.


An important move would be looking for an active guild if you aren’t already in one. After level 200 you will face enemies of any level sometimes, so things can get pretty gruesome if you don’t have some support from a guild.

Aside from that there are many things to do while you get better troops and upgrade them. Anything in particular you are struggling with right now aside from PVP? If we can know what you have available in your troop’s collection we could suggest some other teams.

The 2 most important things to do right at the beginning of the game are to get all kingdoms to level 10 (so you are spot on there) and find a good guild. Continuing to farm for gold is probably best until you get all your kingdoms to level 10. Good luck!