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Loving the game, but I lack direction

Ahoy hoy.

So, I recently saw this on the PSN store and decided to give it a shot - to my surprise the game hooked me really quickly, and I’m enjoying myself a lot, despite it “just” being a match-three game. My only real issue is that I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the content at present, and have no idea what to focus on. I lucked out a bit and got some dragons in a few chests (Draconian Rogue, Baby Dragon, Dragonette and a dragon/centaur thing that buffs dragons), so I’m beginning to understand the synergy…but PVP content gets me pasted, and I’m barely scraping by with some of the challenges.

My account level is 13. Should I just concentrate on completing the main campaign before I try anything fancy? Is there a basic newbie guide explaining all this stuff?

Thanks in advance.

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At your level, just focus on working on kingdom quests and low-level challenges for now. There are some helpful guides, but a lot of new content has been introduced in the last couple weeks so some things will be out of date or irrelevant now.

In general, open chests whenever you get them and try to save any gems you get (your target is one of Celestial or Dragon armor). Also, go ahead and join a guild. You’ll want one with a combination of active players and no requirements. Once you level up a bit more, you can start to contribute to guild tasks, but for now, you want to rely on the kindness of strangers.

I’m sure others will jump in with more advice, but feel free to ask questions and poke around the forums for information. There is a ton here, but you will need to filter a bit since the game is constantly evolving.

Edit to add: Here is an example of a really good intro guide that is a bit out of date. 90% of what is said is still applicable, but things in the videos will look quite different. I rewatched these a few months ago and they were still full of really good information for new players. If anything specific doesn’t make sense, just ask here and one of us can steer you in the right direction.


@FourEyes I recommend checking out some youtube videos by Tacet the Terror, he has a lot of videos aimed at newer players


Thank you very much, guys. I’ll watch those videos and chip away at the campaigns for now.

Welcome to the game and our community. Feel free to look and ask around whenever you have any doubt or need help. We are a weird bunch of people who argues over some trivial or nonsensical things sometimes, but despite that everyone is helpful with the best of their capabilities.

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East is that way ——>. Just kidding. Welcome to the game and I hope you have a great time! @FourEyes




There’s actually a pretty well-defined path through a big chunk of the game. After you reach the middle it’s more like "here are all of the priorities, decide which make the most sense for you based on the troops you have.

First, there’s a golden rule that’s hard to figure out: your player level is almost irrelevant to your power. A level 1 player with Infernus is going to destroy a level 1000 player with even decent troops. Your player level will very rapidly add stats to your hero up to some point between 200 and 400, then they get further apart at a rate where everyone’s hero is more or less equal. So Troops are more important than levels, and until you have powerful troops you should shoot for what gets those over anything else.

That means a constant goal will be, “Get into a good/better guild”. That means 30 active members who complete at least some legendary tasks by completing all of the basic guild tasks. That means a guild that reaches 40,000 seals every week, even if it’s at the last minute on Sunday. You’re low level, so you won’t find one that good to take you in. That’s fine. Find “a guild”, and be on the lookout for better ones. This represents an income of thousands of troops per week, hundreds of gems, thousands of souls, etc. You need all of this.

In the really early game (where you are), your hero’s probably stronger than any troops you have. So play PvP, quests, challenges, Arena, whatever is fun. Acquire resources and look for troops that do interesting things. We can’t tell you “a great team” for this level. Troops in GoW are almost completely random (very few come from quests), so the answer to “a good newbie team” is different for every account and can change daily. To that end: be stingy with souls. Don’t level a new troop to max just to try it out. If you’re not sure if a troop is as good as it looks, ask about it on the forums. If someone complains it’s a dumb question, invite them to kiss your ass.

It also helps if you take a side trip to http://gowdb.com and link your account to it. It’s a site run by a very respected player and, among other things, has a page you can link to that shows your entire collection to us.

I recommend Arena for newbies. In that mode, all troops you choose are fixed at level 15 whether or not you have them or have trained them. Up to about level 200, Arena matchmaking intentionally chooses lower-level opponents for you. This is important because Arena allows “any hero weapon”, and weapon acquisition is tied to game progress. Arena will let you try out many troops before you have them and learn which ones do neat things. DO NOT take the offer to buy troops for gems at the end. There are zero endgame troops in the arena pool and the cost is exceptionally expensive.

Meanwhile: hoard your gems. Do not spend any. Your goal is to get Celestial or Dragon armor. One has a higher boost for gold, the other has a higher boost for souls. I think the gold boost is most useful this early, so focus on that first. Ideally, you’ll buy both, but each costs 500 gems. If you’re not in a “great” guild, that might take too long. ONLY after obtaining one of these armors should you consider spending gems on other things, and about the only interesting choice there is “gem chests” until you have better troops.

What are “Better Troops”? Well, mostly they’ll be legendaries (orange border) and mythics (neon blue border). They’re very rare, so expect “it’ll be weeks” for legendaries and “it’ll be months” for mythics. The troops that might rocket you to a higher tier immediately are: The Dragon Soul, Mercy, Valkyrie, Queen Mab, Emperor Khorvash, Gorgotha, Ragnagord, Infernus, Ubastet, and Famine. Maybe more. I’m going by memory here, and sticking just to troops that can fit on roughly any team and do really well.

TO THAT END, figure out which kingdom unlocks the Soulforge and the Dungeon, unlock those soon, and get those modes unlocked. The Dungeon is 3 daily, scaling challenges that award diamonds if you win. This is the only reliable way to get diamonds. Why do you care? Soulforge is a place where, among other things, you can trade diamonds for legendaries or mythics. Every week 4 legendaries are available for 800 diamonds, and 4 mythics are available for 4000 diamonds. Since you get to choose which one you get, this is an amazing boost. Dungeons will be very hard to beat now. Try anyway. they will get easier.

Once you get Soulforge unlocked and leveled to max (you have to win matches to level it, do NOT spend gems, it’ll be a long time before you have enough diamonds.) here’s the order I recommend you spend diamonds: The Dragon Soul, Infernus, Ubastet, Pharos-Ra, . The Dragon Soul is an amazing troop at all phases of the game, and any team with it is at least a lowkey soul farming team. Infernus and Ubastet are the most powerful offensive mythic troops in the game. Pharos-Ra is the best soul farming troop in the game. When you have all of these, it will be months from now, and you’ll likely be able to tell ME which troops are your next-best option.

Meanwhile, look at videos on Tacet the Terror’s youtube channel. He has some good advice for “fast explore” and other utility teams, and some of them are cheap. Honestly you can’t be “fast” until you’ve really trained up those troops, but a “slow fast team” is still faster than a random team. These are important because grinding Explore matches is the main way you’ll get traitstones for your powerful troops later. It’s also a good source of souls.

Once you settle into that groove, there are a ton of goals that you just have to decide how to chase


Play a lot of matches, tweak your teams to try and win more. Accumulate stuff for the next few months. By the time you have 5 or 6 legendaries and maybe a mythic, it makes sense to have “a strategy”.


Thank you very much for all that, I do appreciate it! Thanks to the others who have chipped in also. :slight_smile:

I’ve discovered the wonders of the Ranger card, and am currently chipping away at a couple of the other quest areas - I was NOT expecting such a large amount of kingdoms to play with. I’ve also joined an open guild and that’s given me a significant boost in terms of keys and things.

Thanks again.


The Ranger is one of the best cards for early to mid players! I second what everyone else has said thus far, focus on playing through kingdom quest lines and save your gems for some armour. :slight_smile:

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Me again!

So at this point it’s pretty clear I’ll be playing this long term. I’m writing stuff down, forming strategies, and generally acting a little more obsessive than I usually do with new games. I’d like to put a little money towards it, but I was wondering what you would suggest? I’m looking at the ring which gives you a couple weeks worth of boosted gold/experience/other-thing-I-don’t-quite-understand. I don’t quite grasp what’s valuable and what isn’t yet, so that seemed the safest best…

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It depends how much you want to put down. The single most powerful thing you can purchase is the Deathknight armor. It will give you a permanent 100% bonus to gold and souls collected, but costs about $50 US (adjust for your region). The ring of Wonder would wear off after a couple weeks, but this armor lasts forever.

The best bang for your buck is probably the $5 Daily Gems subscription. That gives you 15 gems per day for 15 days.

If you’re going to spend money, getting up to VIP 2 or 3 (whichever gives you free scouting) is really quite helpful. Deathknight definitely gets you there in one shot.


Thank you. Reading up on things supports the idea that I should get the death knight armour rather than smaller bonuses. At least at this point.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback.

Things to do:

  1. Join a guild
  2. Join an active guild
  3. OMG join a good, active guild

I’m in one! They were open recruitment, seemed relaxed, and haven’t kicked me yet. Can’t really vouch for activity or anything, and they seem quiet, but hey-ho.

Sorry to turn this into a blog, but I had some wonderful luck with keys and have a great primary team:


These guys make for a wonderful one-two punch, and the centaur keeps my damage topped up. Aaaagh.

I want to experiment with a mechanical deck, but I can’t get a decent synergy off my current cards.

It’s a nice composition, you managed a good distribution of colors but if you choose some Red weapon you could improve the damage and speed, because it’s normal that using Lord Ember’s spell would generate enough Mana for your Hero and Divinia without issues, specially because Divinia can gain mana from yellow gems too.

You could also move your hero to the second slot leaving Lord Ember as front-line tanker/attacker since he gains attack from Dragotaur generating more value out of the skulls, better if you manage to unlock Lord Ember’s traits, Leader and Armored, which are designed for this purpose.

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Yeah, I switched to the Crude Club for that reason. Getting a surprising amount of mileage out of it, and my success rate has sky rocketed. Still sucks a bit when I lose control and get my backside handed to me by something which doesn’t have base attack power. Looking at you, Dragon Eggs…

I’ve switched the Centaur dragon chap to Visk, if only to cover the entire colour spectrum. Coming up against a lot of enemies which can one shot the centaur before he was charged up, which rather defeated the point of having him in there. Visk can take a punch at least.

Also moved up a couple PVP tiers. Woo!


PVP tier 7! Pride cometh before a fall…

Is it worth hoarding my gold and keys? My regular troops are all level 10 now. I’m getting a decent, ish, amount of gold with each victory but I’m lagging in terms of souls.

Gold is better used increasing the level of your kingdoms, but you can use all your gold keys because there are a lot of troops to get from them as well as some gems, souls and glory¹. You could do the same with glory keys, but i would suggest to hoard some gem keys in case you wanna try your luck during an exclusive Mythic week, which is a period where only the newly released Mythic will be available in glory chests or better. We are about to get a new Mythic this friday if i’m not mistaken.

¹ Once you have mostly all commom and rare troops ascended, which will take a while… you can hoard gold keys until a new kingdom is released to have a chance to get the new troops. Otherwise i don’t see any reason to hoard them.

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