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100 things you wish you knew about Gems of War [DONE]

#Thank you to everybody that helped make this series come alive !!! We’re all done here :slight_smile:

I was chatting with some newbies on Reddit and off-handedly asked they’d enjoy a video on this subject. I got good feedback and many people said they would love it.

So I’m asking for your help coming up with as many things as possible - credit will be given to ALL contributors!

I’d like to pass along a list of things I wish I knew when I started out. Some examples I can think of are:

In Arena you can re-arrange the troop order and choose your Hero weapon
Harder difficulties give better rewards but take too long. Find balance between speed/reward.
Which questlines to complete first
The Show All (troops) button

Here is the list of things that were talked about over the course of the series:

Complete Zhul’Kari quest 1st to get Tyri
Join a guild, why you should, and how to do so
Basics of Kingdoms (level, home K, power, income, tribute, etc)
Basics of Tribute bonuses (how often to collect, what happens, etc)
How to pick/train/trait Hero classes
Magic masteries overview and unlockable weapons
Hero is optional teams
Mana bonus traits on troops apply to whole team
ASHTENDER.COM (This could be it’s own video lol)
Observe/understand the gold/soul/map caps
Understand Soul generation troops
Troops that generate currencies (souls/gold/maps) do not do so in PvP Defend
Show All (Troops button)
Only use Glory for weekly troop packs (and show how to buy them)
Difficulty settings overview (doesn’t affect PvP)
How the Magic stat works, where it is shown on the card, etc.
Speed vs. Difficulty overview
Show mana/spell details
In Arena you can re-arrange troop order
In Arena you can choose Hero weapon
You can leave Arena any time and resume where left off
Unlocked traits shown in Arena is a bug (traits aren’t active in Arena)
Basics of Mana Surges
Linking accounts
Web, forum, wiki, SUPPORT links in Setting panel
Buy the Death Knight armor (personal recommendation only)
How to get armor with gems
Do not ask for advice on Global Chat
Brief “game is NOT p2w” explanation
Early on the 15 gems / 15 days deal is very economical
How matches work in Treasure Hunt; Where upgraded gem(s) appear
Basics of Search function in Troops UI
Using the SEARCH function in the Troops interface

The videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Part 5



might check out — What new guild members ask about the most :) (fast newbie faq)

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  • Level and ascend Valkyrie first. She is the most important troop in the entire game.

get tyri early and do the treasure maps for glory so you can buy the weekly troops

  • activate show mana/spell details
  • a 4-match doesn’t give you a mana surge
  • a 5±match always gives a mana surge

how to link an account so you dont lose it :slight_smile:


Since I have a friend that has been playing for about two weeks, and recently started a side account so I could check out the state of the low level game, I have quite a few things I can pass along here:

Join an active guild or at least one you can keep pace with.

Buy one of every weekly glory troop from the shop. This is possible just from the glory rewards from the first three red guild tasks (35k total for the entire guild) and either tier 1 in PvP or with treasure maps to fill in the remainder. If you have a faster guild, you should also have this just from opening the 670 glory keys plus the 360 glory you get from the red task.

Depending on how fast you progress, the middle and left PvP option may be easier than quests.

Difficulty (and its bonuses) do not apply to ranked PvP.

Don’t be afraid of PvP. You don’t need much to be effective super early in the game. Always play Ranked PvP, whether or not you are interested in the ranked rewards. Losing points won’t cost you anything, and gaining them gives the possibility of tier rewards. “Casual” PvP is pretty much entirely useless.

Level all kingdoms to 5 as soon as possible for early tribute chances. Collect income as often as possible for more tribute chances.

Level magic kingdoms to 10 first, then the stat of your preference.

Other things being equal stat wise, prioritize Glory tribute for leveling kingdoms.

Do challenges when you need the souls. Wear your best soul bonus armor and play on the highest difficulty you can take to maximize the one-time reward. Don’t be afraid to complete them if you need extra souls early on - the total available from challenges is not that much overall, and should be used as a small bump to bridge a needed gap before you can effectively farm.

When leveling troops to get kingdom points for star levels, only commit resources when you know you have enough to reach the star. Level troops one at a time to conserve souls, as every level gives the same points, but higher levels cost more souls.

Wight and Banshee are now effective early game soul generators. Very early on, they are better than Valkyrie.

Don’t bother saving treasure maps, they are easy enough to get later on and you probably wont want to play treasure hunt later anyways.


So, a kingdom to get quest done first, zhul-kari!

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Never use glory to buy glory chests.


Don’t disenchant any troops for souls, keep them to ascend.


And ascending troops won’t make it harder to acquire them. If you get a common troop ascended into an Ultra-Rare rarity it still drops on gold chests. <- This was one of my first concerns in the game when i started. :sweat_smile:


if you like the game, spend the $50 on death knight armor. That should also grant you free spying from vip level.


I disagree with this just right at the start of the game. Up to about level 50, disenchant rubbish troops so you can level up a team of troops to actually use. Check the forums or post questions here to see which troops are good and which are rubbish!

Once you pass level 50 and/or have a decent levelled team to use, then @shimrra is absolutely right.


I want to know if we will get Myriad’s mother, and tyri’s mother, seeing as they are different mothers, and any other kids that their father has sired.

You mean Marid?

auto correct thought i spelled it wrong, but i spelled it like it is supposed to be spelled! Auto correct is the worst given troop names.

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Wow, great suggestions everybody! Keep them coming :slight_smile:

At this rate I should have 10 good ones to start the 1st video (rather than do 100 things in one vid, I think viewers would rather have it in 10 chunks)


Let´s people know about GoW forums. I could say that many ones don´t know and many others think that are only for recruit.

Use gems to buy the 2 best armor (without death knight) and later accumulate them till 450.
Use them to open 50 gem chests.

Ask your questions also in global chat I can say, there are a lot of good people helping new players every day.

Arena since rewards not change is the best way to collect souls for newels players.

I recommend do all the kingdoms quests to unlock all troops.

If you like the game so much help it with support. Buy something for real money and get special rewards for being a vip.

Enter, join, and be active in forums. Is incredible how many things you can also learn here being a top player.

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Yes please do so. Helps our team out, if you do so. Easier to find your account.