Gems of War - Core Strategy Series (All Platforms)

Hi everybody :slight_smile:

After the great success of the 100 Tips series, I have been diligently at work producing new content geared at helping new players understand the often-confusing mechanics of the game. I talk about building great teams using simple cards that almost everybody has access to, I explore the Event system, Boosts, Traits, Budgeting Souls, and so much more.

I’ve been given a great deal of positive feedback in here, in chat, on Reddit, and elsewhere. As always I strive to improve everything I do so constructive feedback is appreciated.

Even though some aspects veer into platform-specific troops, I try very hard to keep everything to the underlying concepts. I also focus on revealing the mechanics to players instead of saying “do this do that” hopefully to empower them each according to their own play styles.

It is all organized into this playlist: Gems of War :black_circle: Core Strategy Series :black_circle: (PC/Mobile/Console) and these are the individual videos:

#Episode 1 - A Common Team, A Rare Team

#Episode 2 - Team Building w/ Ultra Rares

Includes subjects of Soul Farming, Transforming, Exploding & more

#Episode 3 - Understanding Troop Scaling Basics

#Episode 4 - Understanding Boost Basics

#Episode 5 - “Cheat” Souls from Challenges w/ Event Boosts

#Episode 6 - Avoiding Common Soul/Trait Traps

#Episode 7 - “Just OK” Treasure Hunt Strategy Guide

#Episode 8 - True Damage Overview


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